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Mystery, this word creates some kind of curiosity. It creates a sense of eagerness to get the answer to one particular question. Mystery can be in the context of a person, in the context of a story or, a place or, a situation, or anything else. At first, it seems that it is beyond your understanding. It forces you to make a little more effort to understand something on a much deeper level and that effort is worth it.

Why? Because the content and the ultimate answer which the mysteries and the mysterious question gives you,  makes you feel happy. Do you feel energized when you solve the mysterious puzzle or a question? Well, I do. This similar energy will be felt by you after reading one of them or all of these 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020 There is a kind of immense depth and willingness in the mysterious novels. There is a lot of satisfaction which you get at the end of that story and finally, have all the answers. Have you ever come across an exclusive list of 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020, which kind of thrills and awestruck you?

If yes, then you should add some more collections to your mysterious novels. If No, you should probably start to satisfy your mysterious and evil side by reading these novels and finding their answers.

Let us begin with this mysterious journey and explore 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020 you should give time to read.

1. In the Shadow of Vesuvius: A Lady Emily Mystery by Tasha Alexander

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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This novel is set in the ancient city of Pompeii where one of the corpses was discovered by the couple lady Emily and her husband. This novel falls into the category of the Victorian series which leaves you to the way of exploration of the Ancient sites and archaeological places. It is often said that some corpses lie undisturbed longer than others.

So what was the reason in this particular body who found no peace even after death? Well so that the person found that corpse. Find out how the peace and the happy going life of the couple was destructed with the entry of this newly added member through. This book has compiled it together with the chilling touch.

You need to read it thoroughly and to uncover the investment which has been made in this novel and how worthy is it. Finally, the setting has a rich historical significance which surely attracts the lovers of the classical cultures. The enthralling experience of solving puzzles with the delightful mystery and the historical contents makes this novel one of the best to read among the 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020.

2. A View to a Kilt by Kaitlyn Dunnett

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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If you love conflict and the chronology which follows for it to be solved, then this book is for you. It falls into the category of cozy 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020 with Complex family dynamics unveiling The Secret of the small-town people.

The revolution of a cold-blooded murder brings into light new faces and rather new characters who focus on the aspects of the economy and the pressure which is fore taking the entire situation. Can you imagine a murder mystery developing in your backyard? Well, this is what Liss discovered and received a great shock.

The victim and the secrets of the victim were now the responsibility of Liss solving questions and finding their answers but are they true is the question. I love the elusiveness of this novel. The plot construction and the way one thing connects to another quite interesting to learn about throughout the novel.

3. Much Ado about Nutmeg by Sarah Fox

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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Did you just read Much Ado About Nothing? You are mistaken. This is not that famous English literature novel. It is Much Ado About Nutmeg,  a mysterious fiction. Two major characters Flipside and Marley planning a beach wedding, but who knows what’s in the wedding gift.

Small town book which contributes to the imagination of the readers with a unique setting. There are friends and family involved in the intriguing mystery giving you a hint of promises and love. You will discover the Shady part of the culprit. If you are looking for holding your breath moments and figuring out the mystery, then you can welcome a whole lot of surprises until the end.

You can hear the pleasant sound of the wedding Bells amidst the creaking tone of the mysteries. The pancake house owner Marley is home. You are introduced to at the beginning of the novel who is responsible for investigating the mysteries related to the murder of people in the seaside community with the help of his friends.

I love the different emotions and their picturization in the novel like jealousy, secrets, and hidden motives adding to the integrity of the novel among the 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020.

4. Winter Counts by David Heska Wanbli Weiden

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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Winter counts is an addictive novel along with the given list of 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020. Its groundbreaking approach of making a deputy in the mystery genre of fictional stories is worth appreciation. I would call this work an honest fictional book that focuses on the ignorant and neglected part of American life.

This story is rendered deep into the roots with twists and turning points making it more interesting in its way. If you two have questions about the existence and the utilization of money and power in American life, then the story puts all the pieces together.

To answer your questions the story and the novel might be uncomfortable for some people for they have prejudice related to certain contexts. It is an acknowledged and strictly observed novel with the modern Outlook making it look really honest and true.

The tension surrounding the main characters and their stories in which novel it’s quite interesting making it one of the books you would read for too long without even realizing the former ability of the fictional genre expelled rightly. I love its propulsiveness and the informative attribute which forms the part of hard-edged literature different from the exclusive list of 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020.

5. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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This Novel uncovers the mystery of the disappearance. An amateur mysterious novel that highlights the powerful and the dominant undercurrent of social issues. The backdrop chosen is the Indian environment which connects you with its nativity.

How many of us have the actual idea of the people growing in slums and how many of us care? This system of overlooking the slum and the people associated with that community creates a sense of much-needed realization. The authenticity in the voice of Jay, the Major character is what makes this novel different and keeps it apart from others.

I love the emergence which the author has used for juxtaposing the social inequalities with childish sensibilities. No environment is devoid of the ultimate channeling of the complexity related to social and political reality. The endeavor of the author for engaging the readers in their emotions and navigating through the dark places of society is impressive. You are free to pick up this mysterious novels from the list of 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020.

6. The Sun Down Motel By Simone St. James

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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This novel is set in a rich atmosphere and can be considered as a dual timeline mystery. A young woman of New York is on the verge of learning the truth of an aunt mysteriously vanished from a motel the sundown.

This novel is narrated in alternating timelines starting from the early 1980s following the details of the disappearance of her aunt and to the present day following the details of a neice. There are chilling secrets that are uncovered giving us the hint that something is weird at this place for a long time. It gives you an exclusive glimpse into the book. There is a secret lurking on every Road, on every hotel, adding to the suspense.

The novel is about a young girl who is mirroring the life of her missing aunt. You can feel the lingering of The Haunting presence of the characters in am the absence of the secrets. It is not only about her aunt but also the mystery that kept wanting her family for quite a long time. It is a feminist and cold case mystery keeping together with the justice and the lurking mysterious elements.

I would highly recommend this novel from the list of 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020, if you want to turn pages until the end. The author has been successful in creating tension and thrilling experience together using the alternating timelines technique and her efforts in making the work function beautifully.

7. Strangers On a Train by Patricia Highsmith

7 Must-Read Mystery Novels Of 2020
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Strangers on a train unveil the capability of ordinary people who hardly know each other to commit extraordinary crimes and create mysteries to be remembered forever. The author has depicted a sense of unsettling forces and its domineering power which makes the everyday life of a normal person. The third-person narrative of the book focusing on the stories from the past to the present.

The tour de force narrative of the book focusing on the stories from the past to the present and ultimately to be viewed in the future shows. The imaginative skill and the strength of the author have made efforts so that the readers can connect to the common scenario of the characters. Imagine two strangers randomly meeting in a train, describing the people they hate most in the lights, and then planning them, visualizing how the future would look like.

Did this make you remember someone you hate? Then you can give a direction to your obsession through the characters and the story ultimately plotted by 20 characters. This novel is full of theme like an obsession, homosexuality, strength of the mother, and her love, capability of nice people to commit bad things.

I hope these mysteries reflected your imagination. You are free to enter into the inferiority of these action proses and mysterious moments. Let the pages turn one after another. Let the mind wander to the depths of stately affairs. To enjoy reading these 7 must-read mystery novels of 2020 until we come with another episode of best books on mystery.

Master the mystery!

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