8 best charlotte Bronte novels- insight into Victorian Age

This article acknowledges you with the 8 best Charlotte Bronte novels. It gives you an interesting perspective into the works of the author which can increase your urge to read them.

Charlotte Bronte is one of the leading lady known for her beautiful masterpieces. She captivates her readers with the natural spirit of the work. Her works are fascinating because it gives an awesome glimpse to the lives of the people. The plots of her work are engrossing because it has a tint of her own experiences. The reader can find substance, reality, and more depth into her works.

The best part of her works is that it has matured and developed with each work. And the interesting fact is that you will both the immaturities and the maturities in her work. You visualize the realistic consistency throughout. As a reader, you will find yourself rooted in the works of the truly talented author Charlotte Bronte.

So let us begin with a brief review of 8 best Charlotte Bronte novels.

Jane Eyre

8 best Charlotte Bronte novels
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This book attracts all the generation of readers. The themes of this book are relevant and it makes the story readable. It is the story about the protagonist Jane Eyre who is the feisty and a principled woman. She is brought up with love and affection. Her parents were dead when she was young. She lives with her relatives.

Her aunt and cousins treat her badly. She is suffering from a harsh existence when made an offer and sent to the boarding school. Her life is full of mixed experiences. However, she felt peace and contentment in the later part of life. The story develops when Mr. Rochester comes into her life. The emphasis on the inner self of women makes this work more empathetic and diligently puts a sort of kindness.

I love this book because it engages you in the theme and the character you would love a young woman rising above the difficult circumstances and making her place in the world. A sense of morality and determination make this book one of the most loved classical novels written by Charlotte Bronte among the 8 best Charlotte Bronte novels.


8 best Charlotte Bronte novels
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Villette is the novel that made the author Charlotte Bronte reach heights of artistic strength. It is one of the most accomplished works which is written with deep emotional understanding. This story is about the protagonist Lucy Snowe who has steps to England from a tragic past for becoming an instructor in a French boarding school. It is about her unexpected confrontation with the feelings of love, hope, and care that make it a beautiful work. Romantic angle has been put in between her and Doctor John who is a young English man.

There are various twists and turns in the novel which meets the expectations which are devoid of adversity and disappointment. It details the study of women’s consciousness in English literature. The never-ending struggle of Lucy to keep her walls up In life and to restrict all kinds of emotional bonding with any person is depicted with fashion and Glory.

The author answers the question that whether Lucy will spend her whole life in loneliness? Is she going to meet a person who will be with her forever or leave her in the middle of her life? This novel is remarkable because of the treatment of the complexities inside the personal world of women.

The professor

8 best Charlotte Bronte novels
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This is the first novel written by Charlotte Bronte. It is the story of a young man, William Crimsworth. It deals with the depiction of his development and maturation throughout his career. This book is the reflection of Charlotte Bronte’s experience in Brussels where she studied language as a subject. The themes of the novel are brought in the light with dedication as well as integrity.

It is a highly cultivated novel the 8 best Charlotte Bronte novels among because of its comprehensiveness and balance in the story. William has a friend called Charles and he writes him a  letter telling him about the story of his rejection by his uncle for becoming a clergyman. It also describes his first meeting with his rich brother Edward. William is treated terribly by Edward because Edward is jealous of his Intelligence and education in the story.

William falls in love with a girl, however gets disappointed when he acknowledges and overhears that girl is going to marry someone else. This novel is eloquent and persuasive at once which makes it more powerful and beautiful in this list of 8 best Charlotte Bronte Novels.

The green Dwarf: A tale of the Perfect Tense

The Green Dwarf: A Tale Of The Perfect Tense
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This is a witty and engrossing work displaying the Intelligence and the lively imagination of the author Charlotte Bronte. It is the story about Lady Emily Charlesworth who is in love with Leslie, a struggling artist. The setting of this novel is Verdopolis. This novel is about the conflicts of a heart and hand. She has been raised by her uncle The Marquis of Charlesworth who is in search of a perfect suitor for her niece, the Honorable Alexander Augustus PeRey. To understand with whom does Emily lives her love life, you need to read this novel.

It has a well-structured plot with beautiful descriptions of the incidents in the story. It has one of the fascinating stories which makes it a memorable melodramatic piece of work. The readers will ensure the curiosity which the author represents through the occasional structure of this work. This book will feel like your old companion.

You will love the developing novelist’s juvenilia. There are parts of the novel which are very much engaging and others come with too many surprises. There is an air of mystery and suspense that keeps you entertained throughout the end which makes it unique among the 8 best Charlotte Bronte novels enlisted in this article.

Shirley, A tale

Shirley, A Tale
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You want to recompose yourself with the literary talent of charlotte Bronte when you should study this novel called Shirley, A Tale. It is one of the Revolutionary novels which are written in an exemplary manner.

The novel beautifully showcases the theoretical possibility and the combination of Independence and intellect of an individual. charlotte Bronte depicts a new form of power which the women enjoy like men. It is the story of the extraordinary freedom of the protagonist of this novel. I love this novel amidst the 8 best Charlotte Bronte best novels because it is satisfying as well as enriching.

It is the story of two female protagonists Carolyn headstone and Shirley Keeldar. These two protagonists resemble her sisters and a Bronte and Emily Bronte respectively. It cannot be considered as a bildungsroman novel neither is the long depiction of the unrequited feelings of any other character like in Villette.

Shirley is an example of a perfect Romance that is descriptive of the Yorkshire society and the culture of the early 1800s. It is the complete representation of the Yorkshire men and women who lives in Northern England. There are wonderful examples of incidents in this novel in terms of the characters. The use of the different literary devices and the third person narrative makes it a more reflective invoice.

Emma Brown

Emma Brown
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It is one of the most passionate and dramatic writings of Charlotte Bronte. It deals with the story of a lady who has her last fulfilled promised. She has the lively powers of invention leading to the unfolding of a mystery of the exciting and the poet plots. The complexity and the vitality of the novel make it honest and true to the readers. This picturization of the sufferings of an abandoned child called Martina. It deals with the bonding development between Chalfont and Martina.

The major protagonist of the novel Emma represents a comprehensible anger and the darkness of the soul developing one of the proudest characters in the English literature. Emma is an incomplete novel written by Charlotte Bronte. The readers can experience the bafflement which the character Emma has herself met at some point in life.

Emma is not one of the typical charlotte Bronte heroine but you will surely love the juxtaposition of another character developing into admirable women suffering from the sexist landscape and living with dignity in life. The exception is the character by Bronte is worth reading.

Stancliffe’s hotel

Stancliffe’s Hotel
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This novel reflects the story of Charlotte Bronte and her siblings which makes it more fascinating. The different fragments of Bronte’s life are in this novel showing the events and the characters at the different points of the plot making it interesting to read until the end.

It is one of the amusing features of words demonstrating the youthful and the uncensored imagination of charlotte Bronte. This is a humorous work that has some humorous elements making the characters amazing to look at the narrative helps in understanding the work and it’s intricacies at a deeper level and creating a connection with the reader.

It is one of the heartwarming and the seasoned novels which can be read for gaining better insight into the life of Charlotte Bronte. This is a short novella read as a part of Bronte’s childhood creation. The major character Mina Laury and Lord Charles Wellesly give a glimpse of the childhood life of charlotte Bronte little more life and insight to the readers creating a plausible insight.

The Secret

The Secret
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This noble is about intriguing, duplicity, and all-conquering love. The major characters are the Marquis of the Douro, his beautiful wife Marion, and their infant son. These people are living a happy life in the city of Verdopolis.

This novel is the complete series which includes blackmail, imposture, and revelations which can shock the birth of The Young marchioness. This is one of the best-remembered novels for its perineal writing technique. Whether her husband will forgive her or not is the bigger secret?

It is an interesting classic to read. It describes the modifications in the adolescent literary views along with tone and the content. The paternalistic worldview in this novel is groundbreaking for the readers. It does not fulfill the Expectations of being high literature but it does fulfill being enjoyed thoroughly.

I hope that you loved the review of these novels by Charlotte Bronte. They give a kind of motivation to understand the character better. The stories developed are very realistic and thus connects with the readers. I am sure you will love the characters for their distinct qualities and the history they have created in the classic literature. I would recommend these novels because they will initiate the rush of power and energy among the readers.

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