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Classic novels have always broken boundaries and challenged the conventions that would have been followed for a long time. Classic novels are timeless. They range from nonfictional to iconic books. These classical novels are like forever. You can always rely on them for the ultimate pleasure in your free time.

It always acknowledges you with some thoughts. You gain awareness of societal standards. Reading these 8 best classic novels of all time gives you some time and space to reflect on contemporary subjects. The universality and the truthfulness of this novel always remain the same. The beautiful flow of the narrative resonates with the readers.

You can appreciate these 8 best classic novels of all time from all the angles for it is written with dedication and complete vigor. So be ready to measure your wisdom. Identification of the literary classic is a real game. It is rightly said in the words of Italo Calvino in his book, ‘the uses of literature’- “A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”

So get ready to get transported into the far off lands of these 8 best classic novels of all time. Discover the real beauty of these classic novels and gift yourself a beautiful reading journey.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

8 best classic novels of all time
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This novel is written before its time. The author of this novel Harper Lee is a Pulitzer prize-winning author. This novel addresses the issues of race, inequality, and segregation with compassionate and levied decisions. Two major characters in this novel are presented in a lovable manner.

This literature is one of the best created among the 8 best classic novels of all time. It is considered that this novel has the most admired and celebrated heroes Atticus Finch. He is a man who is shown with determination to remove racial aspects of the deep south. It is enjoyable as well as the poignantly beautiful story which shows how humans treat one another.

This Classic novel will give you an insight into the prevailing racist attitudes of the people within the society. The texture of this novel is quite rich and is filled with the strengths of small-town life. One of the most realized and the personalized character which etches proper and honest idea of truth within the aspects related to southern life.

2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

8 best classic novels of all time
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The readers will truly love the enigmatic Millionaire which showcases the luxurious life of an individual. He is determined to throw parties but not determined enough to attend them. Jay Gatsby is one of the greatest characters yet known in the history of American literature.

This character is symbolized and resembles the author itself, Fitzgerald, and is considered to be sparkling and devastating in its sense. It also represents the following list of the American heart as well as dreams. There is no one word in which you can define this novel. It ranges from its hypnotic propulsion to its tragic time as well as the relevancy. Jay Gatsby is one of the brightest boys in the class and he is noticed in his literary trousers which makes the character precious in its way.

The setting of the novel is apart from the rest of the novels listed in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time as it is set in the mid-twenties of America which is narrated by the third person. It shows the development of a character and is particularly a bildungsroman novel. The story revolves around this character starting from the rumor spreading about him.

3. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

8 best classic novels of all time
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This novel is written with a feminist as well as an anti-colonial prequel to Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre. The main character of this novel is Mr. Rochester. This is the novel that comes on to the reader for its content, the setting, and the depiction of the stark reality of the world. This character is taken from a classic novel and is given a new life among the 8 best classic novels of all time.

The story is beautifully woven together to illustrate the different folds within the life of an individual. I feel that it is a must-read for the fans of classic fiction novels. It gives us fascinating insight into the story and ensures that the readers sympathize with the character.

It is a very unique and frightening depiction of the character as well as the story. It shows the distinctiveness in the accounts and the understanding of an individual creating a sense in the stories which ultimately lands the bean inescapable.

4. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

8 best classic novels of all time
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This novel among the 8 best classic novels of all time is depicted in one of the masterful ways which are the potential of gaining the attraction of the readers. The mental unraveling and the treatment of this concept within the novel make it unique. There is no ethical bargain in this work that is imposed forcefully on the characters rather the guilt and the parasitic aspects are naturally nested in the soul of the character.

It is one of the brilliant read for a classic fiction fan. The major characters within the novel will make you so connected with them. This is because of the characterization of the protagonist and the antagonist by the author.

This novel in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time has the varied articulation expects which can make you read it again and again. The concept of the transgression of moral law and the ultimate prevalence of morality can benefit humanity in a real sense which is studied in this novel.

It is considered as one of the powerful psychological studies of a murder mystery that fascinates The Reader on all Grounds like philosophical, religious, and social. It has the potential of exposing the soul of a man inside which resides both evil and good and makes him difficult to escape his conscious thoughts.

5. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

8 best classic novels of all time
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This novel is in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time is in a real sense, what a timeless novel is. This is because it captures the heart of the children. The fantastical world which is depicted in this novel is full of life and funny. The major characters like Peter, Adam, Susan, and Lucy are in the fascination of putting on the leather coat with fur on it to go on The Adventure of life with Mr. Tumnus.

It is the beautiful tale of Innocence as well as the sacrifices of people who are young and old. You will be compelled to read this book on one go without putting it down because of the plot intrigues and engrosses your attention. This book has the power of chronicling your entire thoughts and accessing the record of the imagination molding it in a beautiful and serene story with a detailed account of all the characters and incidents which take place consistently.

You can feel the author talking to you through its directors and urging you to read it until the end for it avoids the mundanity, the unimaginativeness, and the dry lives in which people usually live in the real world.

6. The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

8 best classic novels of all time
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It is considered as one of The Masterpieces in the history of classical fiction. It is the beautifully woven story of a 16-year-old character called Portia who lives with her aunt in London after her mother’s demise. This story in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time is the exciting and excavating journey of exploring the adolescent love and innocence which one experiences in the lives.

You can feel your awkward tension winding this novel. The varied anxiety can be felt in depth. It is a proper reflection of your self and the lived experience you feel in your life. You can feel the real warmth and the affection of reading this novel. It gives you a sense of pleasure from the activities mentioned.

The uncertainty of adolescence is beautifully captured which feels very connecting as well as liberating. The unconventional treatment of the upper-class world is impressive. It is one of the welcoming, lively, and chaotic novels among the 8 best classic novels of all time. This treatment and the outburst of the emotions inside a teenager showcasing the vulnerability effects reader to the personal level.

7. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

8 best classic novels of all time
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The beauty of anything is uplifted when there is life added to it. This is similar in the case with this Classic novel whose story has so much life in it that it makes the reading enjoyable and spontaneous like any other thing which you do in your life. The story of an impressive and beautifully depicted person who is battling with his establishment in the real world. This is a mature novel that is written excellently.

It holds this eternity which makes it plausible to find the error and the flaws with the amazing quality of the authors writing technic making it more fond and larger than life. The story of this novel is narrated by Bromden. He is a half-native American patient who is living in a psychiatric ward of an Oregon Hospital.

The Omniscient observation and the education which is imparted to the reader about life within the word is very unique and tyrannical. Both the inherent complexity and the difficulty of the psychological and the neurological aspect of this novel in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time is very awakening. The Insanity inside the real-world is depicted with much better treatment.

It is one of the ideal treatment associated with the novelist and the artist. The advocation of the language is very much powerful. The author asks the question to the readers about the humane treatment of insanity in this institutionalized world is the embodiment of what.

8. Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

8 best classic novels of all time
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Do you love to gain that curious sneak peek into the author’s life? Well, this is the semi-autobiographical novel in the list of 8 best classic novels of all time which is written by Thomas Mann. He showcases the slow and steady decline of the family who lives in Northern Germany as they are grappled by the concept of modernism prevailing in the 20th century.

This novel is a Masterpiece on its own among the 8 best classic novels of all time, because of the rise and fall which the family faces in their financial condition, relationships between fathers and Sons of the family, and the raging conflict between the art and the business. If you are one of those people to love the family sagas then you need to read this novel at least once.

 The greatness of this novel resides within the characters and their likable as well as sympathetic portrayal. The honesty and the multidimensional characterization of the people are very understandable from small to large. There are all kinds of struggles which is drawn on the bigger picture and are inevitable in the sense.

It is the tragic story even if the consequences fail to fulfill the category of historical. The intimacy of the novel with its characters and that with the tragedy with the sadness of the stories is very impressive among the 8 best classic novels of all time. So, did you like these endlessly creative 8 best classic novels of all time? If you did, just pick out your favorite and start reading the most stunning stories.

Add some books to your bookshelves. Make your library a little more clustered with these universal and timeless novels. This will definitely will have a subtle impact on your sense and the perspective of this book. You would have started predicting its end and expect it to be something else. Well, that is the power of these classic novels, it makes you it’s own.

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