8 best comic books to read in lockdown: 2020

This article gives you the reviews of the 8 best comic books to read in this lockdown. You are going to enjoy the humor and feel the fun until the end after reading these recommended works.

Have you ever been a fan of superheroes? And do you guess from where these superheroes originate? Well, it is comic books. Books which takes you to a different world and introduces you to the different cultures in such a funloving and unique manner.

Sometimes, an escape into the humor is all an individual needs. This escape makes us feel lighter, motivated, and happier. Comic books are so unique and distinct in the qualities that any other literary novels. It enhances your level of comprehending things better.

If you want to improvise your reading and interpretation skills, then you must start to read comic books. It creates an environment or a surrounding where we can think differently. You can observe your visual, spatial, and textual attributes developing significantly. These stories are so good for the heart as well as for the brains. You eventually end up gaining more knowledge that what you are reading literally.

Well, what can be cooler than being a fan of a comic book or a comic book series? I find it cool. You know a nice way to keep up with the trend of the new generation. There are endless names of comic books like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Men in Black, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and so many more.

So, let me introduce you to the 8 best comic books to read and give you a glimpse of what are the things you can encounter.

1. Ice cream man by W. Maxwell Prince

Ice Cream Man
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This is one of the genre-defying series of books. It features the one-shot tales of sorrow, wonder, and redemption. Different wonderful and strange characters entertain the readers by showcasing their special aspects of suffering. It is the book full of stories and acts as a threat to the readers.

You are going to enjoy this book. It keeps you happy throughout. This book will capture the attention of the readers with its unusual strangeness. I loved its unique concept presented with so much vigor, artistic qualities, and humoristic attributes.

This book has the potential of heading you into the direction very absolute. The morbidity of this comic book is very impressive as it can make the readers delightful.

2. Farmhand By Rob Guillory

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The effectiveness of the story is mindblowing. The ultimate amalgamation of the elements of horror and humor is very interesting. The illustration of the story is the cartoon-like art style with the ultimate features of the visual elements. This has the complete features of the weird, wild, and amusing series of crime books.

 I found it as one of the art and the original story which can make you feel damn good. This book is though unsettling at times but is unique in its idea. This is one of the excellent artworks which is also the combination of the beautifully woven story.

The conciseness of the caption and the greatness of the artwork make it commendable. I recommend this book because it will prove to be an enjoyable read.

3. Bitter Root by David F. Walker

Bitter Root
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This book is about the Sangerye family who has done specialization in curing the souls who have been infected by the attributes of hate. This tragedy has been faced by many people and the concept of their survival is efficiently understood in this book.

I would say that this is a complex book that is just not occupied with the monsters for the sake of it but it also shows the racism corrupt souls of the earth eventually making people monsters. The development of the characters throughout this comic book is great. The readers are required to go deeply in this book to understand its real meaning and feel the distinct mix of the feelings.

The theme of this book is simple among the 8 best comic books to read. Its strength lies in the strong relationships which are formed through in a concise and purified manner. I loved this book for its traditional approach of using the folklore and putting it for the readers in one of the humorous ways.

4. Daredevil by Stanlee

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It is a very nice book with the wonderful and clear tuning of the character Matt Murdock. This book contains a kind of enthusiasm that is also imported to the readers. Its lines are so motivating and energetic which takes you in the search of the absolute truth. The ending of this book is a killer metaphorically as well as literally.

 It is one of the right picks for the people loving to simply and interpret the complexities and the mysteries of the stories. It has a satisfying big battle which is so appropriate and goes well with the theme. This is the superhero comic which can be a very good read. It has the potential of addressing the details with the touch of the gravity required.

The readers will feel the moral as well as the logical clarity creating the ultimate feeling of epiphany. It is a rare superhero comic that can lead to the mainstream conversation and creates a story that deserves serious consideration.

5. Wonder Women Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson

Wonder Women Dead Earth
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This story is about a far-flung future that has been observed after the unidentified apocalypse where a group of scavengers awakens Diana. This comic has a gorgeous portrayal of the story and the character with the love expressed throughout.

The captivating and gorgeous monologue of Diana captivates the readers. This comic book is unique among the 8 best comic books to read because it reminisces the cartoony and the sorcery portion of the character making the piece gloriously grotesque. The use of the sentences is raw and appropriate with the rustic feeling. It is one of the best books which has come as a surprise for the readers.

I loved the fact about this book that it is extremely welcoming. The revelation made by this book is very fascinating and exciting.

6. Family tree by Jeff Lemire

8 Best Comic Books To Read
Image source: Amazon

This is one of the top-tier visual storytelling comic books. The book is unique and distinct in its premise and stands out both in terms of style as well as the theme. It tells the story about a family who is struggling for making the ends meet. This story is of a global struggle that showcases light on the conflicts and the tangibility of the personal and the surreal story of the characters.

It offers a certain level of catharsis which the readers are looking for. This book is one of the unique series which has the potential of chilling down the spine of the readers. It grips the readers in its tale of the family struggling with the horrific and mysterious actions surmounting their lives.

I recommend this book for its confidence in the pleasures which it can provide to the readers. The narrative is thoroughly filled with the twists and turns and surprises the readers at different levels.

7. Money shot by Tim Seeley

8 Best Comic Books To Read
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This comic, in simple words, timely as well as intellectual. You can feel the genuine laughs and the social commentary will keep you intrigued in the book. It explores the relationship between greed and innovation. It has been pulled up incredibly by the author and the creative team of this book.

The plot of the story and the set of the characters are interesting. It focuses on the dynamic glimpses of the commentary which enhances its commitment to reach out to the readers. The concept of this book is unwieldy and the artistic style is very good.

It can be recognized as the refreshingly creative books in the list of 8 best comic books to read which engross the reader in its content. The hope for the suspense and the unexpected twist keeps you connected through the work.

8. Firepower by Robert Kirkman

8 Best Comic Books To Read
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The artistic talent of this book brings it together. The reference is made to the supernatural elements which are cultivated by the character called Owen because of his capability to do so. This book has used one of the refreshing ways to tell an old tale. The images and the language used are so befitting that it presents something special to the reader. You can also view some martial arts bringing more clarity to the concept.

It has the most serious and the atmospheric moments represented with energy and the gorgeousness of the pictures. This book is a lot of fun. It is fantastic and creates a perfect world that can bring the author’s words and emotions to life.

So, what about these 8 best comic books to read? Did you like their reviews? Are you motivated to read some of them? I hope these comic books have interested you. You know you should never leave any ray of happiness. Grab all of them.

Find happiness through these 8 best comic books to read. Add some fun enthusiasm to your daily lives. Reading comic books is one of the best ways to love reading and love books. Because it drives you out of the monotony of your life. Enjoy reading these books with your friends, family, and children.

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