8 best crime novels of 2020 | prefer the crime in novels over the crime in reality

We live in a society where crime is constant force driven by hate, jealousy, envy, rebellious attitudes, and many much eviler things residing inside an individual. No one loves to praise the crimes happening in the environment because of whatever reason it may account to. We expect to live in a society where there is peace. Where there is no fear to live. But this is not true at least in the human world. But in the case of crime world as represented in these 8 best crime novels of 2020.

You would ask why? Because we human creatures are a build-up of evil thoughts and ideas which in some cases are hidden, some cases are realized and in others overpowering leading the crime to eventually happen. But all have that Satan within us. We all have that Ravana within us. These characters are suppressed by the much more positive qualities within us. And that is what we expect from others.

Who loves being a witness of cold-blooded murder in the real-life? But wait. To satisfy your inner evil self, or to seek some awareness of this real-world, we love to read to the crime novels and interpret the serial killers in the books written by the awesome authors. The list of crime novels listed to you is enriching in its content. You will find interest in the developing personalities devilizing the characters in the novel.

So let’s get started with 8 best crime novels of 2020, some chilling works of the authors and engross ourselves in the reality highlighted through the fictional world.

1. A Good Girls Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson

8 best crime novels of 2020
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This novel is about a pretty and famous High School Senior girl called Andie Bell. She is murdered by a boyfriend Sal Singh, who has also committed suicide. This story is about the revealing aspects of how a tragedy can hold her down. There is a complete sensitive mystery of what happened on the particular day of Murder of Andie Bell.

This suspense is created right from the beginning in proving you until the end of the book there will be constant arousal of questions like who could have been the killer. This novel is about the re-examination of the closed case by a character named pip. There is uncovering of the series of dark secrets that might prove someone’s investigation and dreadful ideas of the world.

Reading this novel from the list of 8 best crime novels of 2020, you can feel how an investigative story turns out to be an obsession. The number of twists and turns in the novel carries you to the different ways and finally concludes you to the ending which you would have surely not predicted. It is recognized as the nail-biting crime fiction by the best-selling author.

I love the simplicity of the theme and yet effort of creating interest wood trees in the plot structures and the entire storyline consistently which makes it different from the novels listed in the 8 best crime novels of 2020.

2. Nothing Can Hurt You by Nicola Maye Goldberg

8 best crime novels of 2020
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This particular crime work is a collection of short stories that deal with the different cases of crime occurring and connecting different characters including the killer and the victim from the outside. These are individual tales that are enthralled with the sense of tragedy and the prevalent situations in our society.

You often see real examples of troubled marriages, rebellious teenagers, issues of addiction dominating the life of people, depression this satisfaction, and the carrier which is changing dynamics among the siblings and the grave violence of the genders. The collection of short stories in this book deals with such aspects and uncovers the virtuous attributes of an individual.

It defines different events with much Gravity and gothic influence. The subject matter is dark and that is why it connects to the world around us. The author has made efforts to introduce some humorous elements within the novel so that you can realize the graveness of the much darker subjects in a light manner which stands it out from the 8 best crime novels of 2020.

3. Clean Hands By Patrick Hoffman

8 best crime novels of 2020
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We live in a world of privacy in diplomatic issues and private justice. This novel cast the characters of this darker word like the dirty lawyers, the black market traders, and the Russian criminals which take an effective effort creating authenticity of the tension gradually developed. Clean hands give you a vivid look in the context of the relationships and the connections among the corporation’s government, organizations, And The Underworld.

This fiction is exhilarating which gives even an upgraded Outlook on the presently working private investigator in Brooklyn. There are unpredictable turns in the sentences within the book which are full of surprises and attract the customers for expecting the Revelations ultimately turning to be a different revelation. This work is very crisp because of this speed and timing. I am sure it can be a special treat for the readers of crime fiction.

The novel is a fast-moving piece using the unique characters which have been presented with the Awareness of the hearts and the mind. A beautiful journey is created through the city of New York every day. You can enjoy this book along with other novels mentioned in 8 best crime novels of 2020 and entertain yourself with the unanswered questions that you would discover come to the end of the novel.

4. Magnetized: Conversations with a Serial Killer By Carlos Busqued, R. Samuel Rutter

8 best crime novels of 2020
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This book shows the brutality which is then witnessed by a serial killer, Mognelo who was living in the prison for committing the crime. This ensures his survival. Its crime book is based upon true incidents that have no skimping takes on humanity.

The author has made a commendable effort for creating a fascinating profile and expanding the luridness of the book. It has the potential of unnerving as well as entertaining the readers with the friendship tales amalgamated together in the form of dialogues and the true-life events of a serial killer. It is a short book as compared to others in the list of 8 best crime novels of 2020 but the ultimate package of it is very impressive.

The artfulness with which the author has surrendered the process of interview with the serial killer, the psychiatrist and the officers are engaged to an Ultimate level. The Reader will find a fascinating narrative.

I love the distinctness which the author has presented of The Criminal Mind regarding the mental illness of the possession ultimately categorizing to be a concept to Evil which is predefined. The reader of this novel along with others in the list of 8 best crime novels of 2020 will surely enforces the readers to turn the pages of the book until the end.

5. Seven Years of Darkness by You-Jeong Jeong

8 best crime novels of 2020
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Have you heard about the truth which always has that Unstoppable tendency to rise to the surface and even above that?  This crime fiction deals with the same idea. It is about the young girl whose dead body was found in the shore of the lake in the South Korean village.

It further follows the immediate investigative action taken by the police of that area. This investigation leads to the uncovering of the secrets of death elaborately. This is a mass tragedy where the character least expected is convicted of Murder.

The people who are fans of crime fiction, it is the ultimate read because of the dark, disturbing, and gross elements with consistent twists and turns to reinvent the novels for international acclamation.

I love this novel because it is a multifaceted psychological crime fiction separating it from the approach of there novels listed in 8 best crime novels of 2020 where questions and number of Secrets linger for a very long period of seven years. The readers kind of try to understand that they know what happened in the story,  but until they reach the end of the novel some twists were different from their expectations and predictability.

6. The Last Flight By Julie Clark

8 best crime novels of 2020
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The Last Flight is the story of two women who are alone and scared taking the antagonizing decisions leading to the ultimate change your the trajectory of their lives. You will love the awesome thrill ride until the end. Their identities are swapped with each other creating suspense every minute.

The characterization of the shadowy figures envelope in the modern mystery excites The readers and makes the novel frighteningly realistic. This tale is about smart and strong women who are determined to thrive in a situation full of uncertainty and risk.

The author Julie Clark has made efforts of telling the story with different viewpoints leading the plausibility of The Reader to answer the twisted tale. There are perplex and undoubted challenges that can be observed while reading the novel and learning about its powerful and immersive reading.

I highly recommend this novel for the fans of crime fiction as they will come across strong encourages females who are ready to cost anything to thrive in the given environment.

7. Unspeakable Acts: True Tales of Crime, Murder, Deceit, and Obsession by Sarah Weinman

8 best crime novels of 2020
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This is an awesome anthology of modern crime fiction apart from different novels mentioned in 8 best crime novels of 2020 illustrating the powerful and the popular genre of the crime world. This book is one of the exhilarating collection of honest and True crime stories with a refreshing and exciting contemporaneous of relevance in today’s world. This is the true depiction of the reflection of the real crime stories which is irresistible to be read by the readers of crime fiction.

The spectrum of the crime stories which are discussed are quite wider and deny to justify the narrowness of the Reader’s thinking. These stories are so beautiful and reckoning that it actors of serials mark on the minds of the readers. I love the effort of the author of speculating the different stories uniquely with their potential of making it more diverse. This novel is appealing because of its honesty.

The instability of the novel showcasing the horrible things which are done by the culprits acts as an appetite for the fans of crime fiction. The narrative technique of the story just so beautiful and has been penned down so artistically that it would urge the readers to proceed with the next story.

8. Opium and Absinthe by Lydia Kang

8 best crime novels of 2020
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If you are addicted to truth, then you will fall in love with the author of this novel as you would fall in love with other authors of the 8 best crime novels of 2020 and the content which she has represented unraveling the mystery of a dying sister. The research done by the author for digging more than just the truth for easing the pain to the ultimate revelation is very interesting and intriguing.

Do you believe in the existence of vampires? Well, here the author doesn’t which creates the history of the environment creating the development of the events making it more and more complex to rely on just the facts and figures and conclude them to what is real and what exactly is to fall for. It is kind of a historical crime fiction that compels the readers to deal with the sensitivity of the subject related to opioid addiction in the real and compassionate world.

This is one of the original crime fiction novels among 8 best crime novels of 2020 which is impressive as well as intriguing making it a page Turner for the readers.

I love the acknowledgment of the author to hold the attention of the readers throughout the novel making it one of the great virtues of the crime fiction. This story is so well written that the theme of the exploration of the drug abuse instills its importance and Revelations inside the mind of The Reader making it thriller to go for.

I hope you love the gist of the 8 best crime novels of 2020 given above. These 8 best crime novels of 2020 will strike your mind and surely enforce to give them a thought. You are free to interpret these novels in your way. But for that, you need to read them first. Take out some time for attaining the actual awareness and envelope your evilness aside. Absorb the darkness inside you into these 8 best crime novels of 2020 and bring out the investigator into the light.

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