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Do you believe in ghosts? Are you scared with those weirdest sounds like the creaking of the doors, sounds of the breeze in the middle of the night, an abstract ray of light from nowhere? Well, I am. I am not one of the fans of horror novels. The idea of ghosts freaks me out.

But you know what, I still find some curiosity about the phenomenon of these incidents. Like, do ghosts exist? I have also seen people contrary to me. Contrary to my idea of ghosts and my fear of ghosts. These people love the overall idea of ghostly existence. They find it very curious. I know some of you must be those die-heart fans of the horror fiction.

So for you, I have brought the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020. I believe the fright and the panic of these novels will impress you. So are you ready for that jump scare which will spill your popcorn while reading the book? You can also test the power of your imagination by letting your unsettling ideas communicate with the author and the character of the chilling novels.

So Unleash your terrors. Unlock your horrific imaginations and gain some excellent ideas of gothic experience which will land you reading these 8 best horror novels of 2020 and live the scariest moments.

1. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This is a blood-shading tale. The main character is Patricia Campbell. This book has the Perfect Combination of Southern charm with 1990’s horror. The tale of a middle-aged housewife is sharing the passion for True crime books against Vampire is discussed deeply.

This novel is one of the artistically written books among the 8 best horror novels of 2020 with the amalgamation of elements like repression and racism. The embarrassment and the frustration which is portrayed through this novel weaving the entire horrifying experience together with a workaholic husband, teenage kids, a senile mother-in-law, and the housewife which has an endless list of duties to do.

The Mysterious missing tale of the children followed by their death from the town creates tension in the whole town to dig more into the fact and the real problem with sliding behind the same.

I loved how a simple story of a town of a complete family is used for creating a horrifying setting and in spilling the catharsis of fear among the readers. This story is simplistic until the point it gets horrifying.

2. Velocities: Stories by Kathe Koja

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This is one of the diverse, energetic, and the mysterious collection of stories by the author who has mastered the art of storytelling in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020. There are many Tales in this particular volume that are mysterious and horrifying. It guarantees an enjoyable reading.

It is the story of a man looking for Redemption. It is the story about a janitor who is performing his duties in the Morgue and is confronted with surprises, rather shocks, horrifying shocks. You can find magic in her writing. The specialty comes from the sharp and luxurious treatment of the elements in the novel.

 I would highly recommend this novel among the 8 best horror novels of 2020 because of its awestruck and extraordinary stuff keeping you intrigued for a long haul. I love the weird, the dark, and the abnormal treatment of the stories which kind of stagger your mind in a beautiful way. This is a breathtaking piece in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020 and does not fall into the category of light reading so buckle your belt before you read this horror novel.

3. If It Bleeds by Stephen King

8 best horror novels of 2020
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If you are searching for the novel acting as a vehicle for flooding ideas and thoughts you are least familiar with, then this author will fulfill your wish of getting into that vehicle. Therefore you need stories that were brought together by this novel offering a vintage theme with unexpected twists.

You can call it the strangest piece of fiction which is least coherent but the beauty and the curiosity will Blow Your Mind away. Holly Gibney, the major protagonist of the story is one of the most beloved characters. You would found in a horror novel the insect-Licious proceedings of this work as they are very interesting.

It has one of the most troubling stories which enforces you to rethink your imagination and your thoughts. The monstrosity of this book among the 8 best horror novels of 2020 is very classical and it has the potential of making all the stories Scary. It is the pleasure for the readers regarding the horrifying pleasure for the readers of horror novels.

4. Worse Angels by Laird Barron

8 best horror novels of 2020
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Angels are pretty right? Well, you will get to see different kinds of Angels in this novel. The story will change your definition and the meaning of Angels interesting. This is one of the intricate and the most deftly written novels I have read so far.

The freshness of the writing is so pure and so atmospheric that the dark and the fast-paced development of the story satisfies The fans. It is one of the crime thrillers with the beauty of black magic and its power. Some moments will meet your creepy one word in which I would like to describe.

This novel is a meaty novel out of the 8 best horror novels of 2020 where you can experience the constant threat of violence. It has a great plot and astoundingly wonderful prose style. The descriptions and the dialogues are so Sublime and beautiful that the illusions turn out to be real. The amalgamation of philosophy, archaeology, history, horror. There is a place where you can get a lot in one go. There is no easy way to fight Evil. There is no easy way to judge the evil actions but there is an easy way to read this book so find the way and enjoy reading.

5. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This novel, included in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020, is the Gothic amalgamation of repulsion and Desire which ultimately adhered to the mysterious symbolic gesture of the family. The major character Noemi is very interesting and helps the readers in understanding the concept which is part of Ancient Egypt and is utilized by various earlier cultures for signifying the ultimate cycle of death and rebirth. The concept of significance and symbolism is very intriguing.

This book uses various symbols and Signs which can lead ways for The Reader to understand what is, fertility, self-cannibalism, and infinity. You can feel the shiver while encountering this novel. The diffusion of science is expressed so beautifully and unreleased so interestingly that the cultural force demonstrated allures the Reader’s very strongly. The readers will surely get mesmerized by the terrifying and yet the most seductive world of high place which leaves an enigmatic impression on them.

I love this novel amidst 8 best horror novels of 2020 because it leaves an enigmatic impression on them. The supernatural part of this book compares the raiders to town the pages.

6. The Chill by Scott Carson

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This book betwixt the 8 best horror novels of 2020, has the most intriguing and dangerous elements of trade exponentially. It has the capability of making the readers intrigue in this work. There are insights into New York reservoirs and thermal systems. The deep characterizations of this novel amongst the 8 best horror novels of 2020 pervade the sense of Doom and destruction. A complete and friendly tale of survival in both the natural as well as the Supernatural world believes no space for you to grasp the air.

This novel is a true blend of Myth and facts. The story is woven in one of the natural ways depicting the awful disasters with the combination of human greed and the unconcerned safety of the phenomenon. The addition of the Supernatural elements Solely acts as the icing on the cake. A great tale which is chilling as well as a deep realization of man’s inhumanity prevailing in this world.

 I love the effectiveness and the dedication with which this novel mentioned in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020 is written. It is made beautiful not with just the facts and imagination but also the presence of the Supernatural elements in the lives of the characters making it more interesting you can call to Ghost story made for our time.

7. Out of Body by Jeffrey Ford

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This novel in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020 can be categorized as one of the darkest fantasy and thriller novels. It is the mixture of Intelligence and the creepiness which The Reader is long for in horror fiction. The integrity with which the elements are knitted together with a touch of wit makes this book compelling as well as addictive. This is the story of a small-town librarian witnessing a murder at his local town which is followed by his routinely sleep paralysis transforming into more disturbing than expected.

The entire trauma of holding a dying girl in his arms drives out of its sense. The title of this book is so catchy that you will want to read it. It also deals with the psychological concept of having out of body experience which appeals to most of the readers. Have you ever witnesses a death with your own living Eyes. Imagine holding a dying girl in your hand and feel the thrill? The power of the nightmare is dealt with in this novel which acts as a kick start for the horrifying experience. The reader will experience the thrill until the end of this novel.

There are gruesome and horrific incidents that chill the spine and stand out among the rest of the 8 best horror novels of 2020. The beginning can be e defined as a little slow but the horror which you are expecting will surely take you until the end of the book. It is the work of short length written extremely well to be especially chilling.

8. The Living Dead by George A. Romero, Daniel Kraus

8 best horror novels of 2020
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This Novel is a panoramic and sweeping piece of work which enforces the readers do not leave it unread in the list of 8 best horror novels of 2020. If you are looking for landmark and Gory genius then the beautiful combination of humanity with the mercilessness of the social activities will create curiosity inside you. I felt it like a lost Romero classic which will play your wit inside and out until you finish the last page.

It is a timely as well as a scary Epic honoring the Zombie tradition. I consider it as one of the monumental achievements of the author who has dealt with the idea of Zombie and their terrifying lines. If you truly love the geometry and the concept of their existence. You should read this book and you will love the written story with a dramatic declaration and tidy affairs.

The comprehensiveness of this book among the 8 best horror novels of 2020 determines the different processes which might turn out to be perfect for your curiosity. The toxicity of this novel is quite interesting to handle the disassembling of details and yet it’s synchronization is very intriguing. The overall mobilized idea of the Zombies and their disrupting routine is very interesting.

I hope the gist of these 8 best horror novels of 2020, horror has etched an impressive picturization on your minds. You would have gained some curiosity to look inside these books, or under your beds. Well, Check them out both. Who knows what the chilling surprise is.

These 8 best horror novels of 2020 books have the most ghoulish reputations which will lead you to thump your heart very quickly. Listen to the stories of these horrors and unveil the horrors beyond life’s edge. Knock, Knock! The characters of the novels at the door are knocking. So, pick one of these books before the dead walks the earth.

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