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You must have come up with questions like: What is love? What is romance? Well, the answer is a feeling which is so pure that you are not able to deny it even with the best of your opposing efforts. The idea of being in love, being able to process that love, or hear stories bout love are very soothing. It kind of gives an ultimate rush of positivity. Love energizes you.

Everyone in this world is in the search for some kind of love, love from the parents, siblings, best friends, partners, from the audience you are working for, from the colleagues you are working with or from your self. Love is simply a form of acceptance. Acceptance for who you are. Acceptance of your flaws and your being. It is no rocket science.

The books I am going to introduce you to are the 8 best romantic novels of 2020. If you are missing your partners, or are with your partners, or do not have the partner, doesn’t matter, these books will surely make you believe in love and develop the idea of acceptance for much better.

So, offer yourself with the 8 best romantic novels of 2020 and keep yourself hooked until the last pages of the book but not the least meanings of love.

1. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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A contemporary Romance. This is what we can call this romantic novel. If you are one of those readers who are in search of a ‘Happily Ever After’ in the real-life as well as in reel life, then you need to choose this book.

‘The proposal’ tells the story of a writer, A handsome writer who portrays a certain kind of connection with the girl. Have you heard about that story whether you deny yourself rushing into that romantic zone but then things start popping up which becomes more than expected? This is exactly that kind of a novel a dramatic and yet interesting piece of work. You can fall for the real story of two people who are into each other and planning to date.

What did I like about this book?

The realistic approach taken by the author in terms of romance and romantic ideal is what I liked about this book. It helps the readers to connect with the passion and the excitement which the author is willing to deliver.

It is easy to read the novel if you want to spend time in the evening, refreshing your imagination, and finding a distraction from your hectic life then you need to pick this book up and read it. I believe you will surely appreciate the intention of the author here and in the 8 best romantic novels of 2020.

2. Beautiful Disaster By Jamie Mcguire

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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We all are surely afraid of the disaster, but this one is a beautiful disaster not only for the title suggests but also when you read it. This book is very appealing and readable. This is because it has those elements which can hook the Reader’s up and create a relationship with the characters which are portrayed in one of the explicit in exemplary manners.

If you are those kinds of people who have a little bit sensitivity towards relationships love and the whole idea of bonding, then you can connect yourself with this book. It is the story about two main characters Travis and Abby.

The compulsive nature of this book amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020 is very alluring. The figurative use of the languages and the imagery which is created in the eyes of the readers for developing the sense of romanticism is unique and quite interesting.

What did I like about this book?

I was totally in love with this book and the characters portrayed by the author. The intensity of the romantic story between Travis and Abby was really interesting. If you are often curious to know about how two unlikely people date one another and fall in love so intensely then you should read this book. It will also unwind all the conflicts in the drama and earlier yourself with its content

3. A long Petal Of The Sea By Isabelle Allende

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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The author has taken an instructive approach for describing the scenarios and its features with a complete heart. You can uncover the cohesiveness of the themes which is chosen by the writer Isabelle Allende for sharpening her own life story and presenting in front of the readers in one of the beautiful manners.

You can find both a feeling of love and solitude in this novel. The traces of the family who has been examined in the Catalonian republicans and their story is depicted through this romantic novel. There are circumstances which a normal person living a normal life cannot imagine and that is the point which has been touched by the author with much depth and the correct portrayal of humanity.

This romantic novel along with 8 best romantic novels of 2020 will allow you to breathe. There are no extraordinary words that can describe this piece of work but the sentiment of this novel will surely give me your attention.

What did I like about the book?

The effort of the author to turn the memory of isolation and solitude in the unimaginable circumstances to that sentimental and beautiful story of love through the portrayal of its characters is worth appreciation.

As you see feelings of love are difficult to deny and this is what this novel teaches that even in the atmosphere of elimination and personal exam. There are positive energy and hope which the romantic feeling provides to an individual

4. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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This book is shortlisted for the years women’s prize for fiction amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020 and this drives you towards its marvelous story. The author has made significant efforts and worked hard to create this Marvellous pic of story. The characters of this novel are lit.

There is a sense of general formality, the attention gaining feature of courtliness, and the compassionate characters which make the story bigger and brighter. You can surely expect courtroom drama and things with Industrial complexity yet which can give you a clear vision of romantic love. Some illusions are related to black music and cultural development in the African American community which is important to be heard and therefore to be read.

The uniqueness of this noble lies in the attention towards the unconcerned issues and the Representation of the ignored aspects with the language with strength and capability to the readers and create a sense of awareness.

What did I like about this book?

The author’s intention of recreating the untouched aspects of that ideal romantic love and the way of acceptance of those laws is phenomenal. This is a complicated story with precision and awareness but if you want to learn about that struck in exile and enhance your knowledge within the emotional territory then you should navigate through this book.

5. Meet Cute Club By Jack Harbon

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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This is another romantic fiction if you are a fan of contemporary Romance. This book is real and believable and yet a little swoony, it represents a completely different genre which requires to be acknowledged by the readers and given much care and attention.

There is a dynamic relationship that is shared between Jordan And Rex which makes the romance and the loving portrayal real. You as the reader would not deny to listen to the story and narrate it to another person. You can connect with their chemistry and the bonding which is shared which was adorable.

This book is my favorite amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020 because of the honesty which it portrays in the given amount of time. There is the ultimate status of happiness which you can feel after reading the story of these two characters after reading this book. You can gain that positive romantic Vibes.

What did I like about this book?

Being a huge Romance reader, you are surely going to love the concept and the idea of romance portrayed with the amalgamation of the different pop culture references making the story more interesting.

6. Tell Me How You Feel by Aminah Mae Safi

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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This book is inspired by a classic romantic comedy that has alternative viewpoints and engages the readers through the edgy characterization of two strong women. This novel can be determined as a typical Ode to romantic comedies.

Two girls fall for each other. These characters are layered and fast-paced where they meet each other’s Expectations and clarify their doubts about the future. A perfect example of queer romance amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020. The profanity of the book and the definition of the brusque voice meets the love story more touching.

The novel is a little apprehensive at the beginning which describes the emotions and the minds of the people. This book has the capability of gaining appreciation on a completely new level. It is the challenging book to the typical society we live in which executes a nearly flawless piece of work.

What did I like about this book?

Its predictability and yet the unique pattern which creates a sense of pride and perfect characters instilling confidence in them, making the work more beautiful and hopeful. I love the diversity of this work which is apart amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020 and has the potential of embracing the feelings which the two women have for each other.

7. Before You Say I Do By Clare Lydon

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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This is a romance book that motivates you and inspires you to listen to your heart. It will inspire you to be courageous for saying NO to the Expectations which you are bound to fulfill the strangers around you. Both the characters of this novel Abby and Jordan are beautiful people with certain fears and insecurities in the lights which are universal.

However magical feeling of love binds them together and helps them to fight with those insecurities and evolve as much happier. The writing style of the author is witty. If you are a lover of sarcasm and a touch of wit then you need to read this book with all your observations about the circumstances.

It is the high-class romantic novel that makes a perfect backdrop of your imagination of what love is.

What did I like about this book?

The amalgamation of humor with Deep and heartfelt emotions is purely beautiful. This book along with the other 8 best romantic novels of 2020 is more likable because you can invest your time and your energy in feeling the book and the characters with a lovely romantic story.

8. The Girl He Used To Know: A Novel By Tracey Garvis Graves

8 best romantic novels of 2020
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This romantic novel among the 8 best romantic novels of 2020 will surely uplift you because of its Revelations, full of surprises motivating you to turn each page and feel the story and emotions of the characters. This romantic novel only drives the character work and the emotions right from the beginning. It gives you an insight into the type of that ideal woman you are likely to be affected with.

The flow of the story with the short chapters, simple languages are mesmerizing. The overall narrative technique of the author ensures that the reader engages himself in the beautiful relationship between Anika and Jonathan.

You will find no way to distract yourself from the story whether you end up being completely correct or partially wrong. Your curiosity and the essence of suspicion will lead you with the way of this novel.

What did I like about this book?

The contemporariness of this novel and the uniqueness of the love story which is depicted with the characters is one of the interesting stories which I have read in recent times. I would love to recommend this novel amongst 8 best romantic novels of 2020 because of its incredibility in writing as well as of the characters.

Not only these 8 best romantic novels of 2020 are phenomenal but their authors also are accomplished and incredible. So, hope you are in some to mood to love or feel them through these immensely beautiful pieces of art. You don’t need to put any extra effort. Just read these reviews, pick up your favorite one, buy them or find an online pdf with the link given and explore a new story, feel the beauty of love, and believe it to make it real.

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