Best 5 depression Books: How To Deal With Depression

Do you often find yourself stuck in life? Like clueless about the way to acknowledge the situations and feel about it? And does one have this sense shooting up too often?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, then my friend you’re depressed. But hang on, you’re not alone. Life is filled with ups and downs, highs, and lows. You’re always within the pursuit of happiness. But in the meantime, you constantly face challenges and risks which deprive you of your happiness, kinda disappoint you, demotivates you and you feel that you are in depression. So to motivate you and support you, there are depression books written by great authors. These depression books can assist you to save the challenges of depression and overcome them.

You would like to develop your perspectives concerning life so that these challenges never break you. It’d be difficult to always develop your thoughts, indulge yourselves in self-improvement therapies and actions without feeling motivated, and lacking the support. These depression books have the power of healing the negativity and the tired mind. The list of given depression books showcase the different ways of bringing positivity in your life.

1. The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness

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There are many impactful ways during which you’ll eliminate the state of depression. Mindfulness is one of them which is used for treating depression for an extended period. The physiological reasons for depression and the way mindfulness serves the aim of treating is a crucial part of this book. It’s been written by authors who are successful clinical scientists like Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel V Segal, and Jon Kabat Zinn.

The various techniques of mindfulness help in alleviating your depressed state of mind and eventually give you a new perspective to form that you are feeling better. These techniques are put all across the book supplying you with insights to bring them into practice and feel the difference. This is one such book you’ll pursue to seek out your way through depression and live a far better life.

What do I like about this book?

It’s a way of connecting the psychological condition of depression with the physiological concepts of theory making it one among the interesting and reliable depression books.

2. The Antidote: Happiness for People That Can’t Stand Positive Thinking

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People facing the conflict of the existential crisis must consider this depression book to read at least once. It’s the foremost adaptable approach that prompts them to form efforts to elevate their thinking to an optimal level. The content of this book instructs you, amuses you, and creates an antidote enhancing your capability to defeat demons of depression.

The concept of “backward law” explained during this book will urge you to simply accept the thought and therefore the power of positive thinking. The instances employed by the author Oliver Burkeman connect you with the optimistic and realistic path you’d have chosen or like to choose in the future.

What do I like about this book?

I like the whole effort of this book to make you confident, in celebrating your failures and finding wisdom within the pessimistic thoughts you’re surrounded with.

3. The Happiness Trap: The Way to Stop Struggling and Start Living

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Everyone in this world is trapped in one or the other psychological aspects intentionally or unintentionally. So why not try an intentional fall under the happiness trap? This will help in getting rid of the depressed and anxious situations of your life.

This book uses “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)” for making you understand what happiness is and its ultimate achievement seems like. Happiness doesn’t mean constantly trying to be happy, it’s the constant process of making efforts to add meaning to your life. Author Russ Harris can lead you ways of living and stop struggling.

What do I like about this book?

The title of this book has grabbed my attention and will likely grab yours. We are so busy in trapping ourselves vainly and in negative psychological thoughts and situations, that we fail to be happy. But this book may be a stepping stone to be successfully happy.

4. How to Be an Imperfectionist: The New Way To Self-Acceptance, Fearless Living, And Freedom From Perfectionism

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If you’re trying to be a “perfectionist”, then stop. No, don’t stop reading, stop trying to be perfect. This ‘rat race’ sucks, right? But unfortunately, we are rats, within the race of being perfects. And I need to stop, you need to stop and think.

Take a break. Read this book and free yourself from the only and the forcible concept of perfectionism. It’s more important for you to simply accept yourself rather than expect the strange world to try to do so.

I do know this is often too particular to mention, but the author of this book Stephen Guise makes it a much more practical and applicable concept in today’s competitive world. The various chapters in this book explore deeper into the way of being an imperfectionist. It changes the dimension of how we consider the whole idea of perfect and imperfect.

What do I like about this book?

This book is one of the simplest depression books for those seeking confidence, under-confident people, overconfident people, and even to the ones who don’t know what confidence is. I just like the idea of how this book has addressed the thought of perfectionist minds dominated by the expectations of others.

5. Mind Over Mood, Second Edition: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think

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Everyone has experienced that tiff between their mind and their heart at some point or the other of their lives. This book gives the exact way to change your thoughts so that it can divert your feeling. If you feel anxious, low esteem, depressed, moody behavior, or any other mental inconvenience, this book gives your insight into the “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” to deal with it.

The author Dennis Greenberger provides you with workbooks and the exercises are given repeatedly to reflect on who you are and what thoughts have you developed concluding what kind of help you exactly need to overcome these situations. This CBT approach is one of the positive approaches made towards you to understand you. The given exercises are though repetitive but increase your perseverance and patience.

What do I like about this book?

The workbooks and the exercises help to gain your reflection. It kind of mirrors your mind to you, which you likely fail to in this busy world of attaining materialistic possessions. Motivated to hunt some self-help? Bag these depression books, take a coffee, and initiate a step to deal with it, your depression. These efforts will surely assist you in changing your perspective, adding meaning to your life, and making you ultimately happy. I hope these depression books can do good not only to your mind but also your soul.

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