Charles Dickens Biography- His Life into his works

This article gives you the details of Charles Dickens Biography. It discusses his life, education, marriage, and the writing career is in brief.

Charles Dickens Biography
Charles Dickens Biography

Personal life

His father John Dickens, was a clerk. Charles Dickens’s mother Elizabeth Barrow was a teacher and the director of the school. Dickens’s father went to jail in the year 1824 in charge against the debt which forced Dickens to leave his schools and start earning for his family. This phase of his life acquainted him with the stark reality of poverty and the working class of the age making his published works more influential. Despite the financial conditions of the writer and his family, he was always a gentleman.

He saw his youth and innocence drive away from him at a very young age. The sentiments of abandonment and the betrayal started developing within him making it reflect later in his writings. His personal and professional lives however saw many fluctuations but his strength and vigor kept him strong. There were numerous contemporaries but it did not affect in the negative sense.

Dickens was then married to a lady called Catherine Hogarth after his work “Sketches by Boz” was published for the readers. Charles Dickens has 10 children. After some years his daughter died. He also divorced his wife in the year 1858. This was followed by his intimate affair with the actress named Ellen “Nelly” Ternan.

Charles Dickens was very popular in his lifetimes and got a place in Gads Hill Place. The health of the writer however started declining in his later years of life. He died on June 9, 1870, due to a mild stroke at his home.

Before his death, he started writing a work called “Edwin Wood” which remained unfinished. His body was buried in the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey. His tomb describes him in the following words-

“He was a sympathizer to the poor, the suffering, and the oppressed; and by his death, one of England’s greatest writers is lost to the world.”

Professional Life

Charles Dickens is a British Novelist. He was a journalist, editor, illustrator, and social commentator. He wrote prominent works and people know him for the same since the 19th century. His works bring societal changes and dare the challenges which lead to negative consequences. The full name of Charles Dickens was Charles John Huffman Dickens who was born on February 7, 1812, in the city of Portsmouth situated on the southern coast of England. You can recognize him as one of the greatest entertainers of his lifetime.

He is also one of the comic writers who made his novels richer through the compassion and the intelligence of his mind. He also worked as a court stenographer in the year 1829. Charles Dickens knew the Gurney system of shorthand writing which made him unique and added to his intelligence. In 1833 he started working as an editor in the London Newspapers and magazines under the pseudonym of “Boz”. His work was with the title “Sketches by Boz”. 

He also started publishing his first work named “The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club”. This work made him gain recognition among the readers. His other works include the “Household Words” and the “All the Year Round”. He also wrote, “A Dinner at Poplar Walk” published in the famous magazine of Monthly Magazine in December.

Reader appealed to his simple and sophisticated lives and the concept of the poor and the technological developments adding to the quality of the work. He had an impressive and long career as a writer. This shows the essence of Charles Dickens biography. He engraves his life experiences in his works and one can get the autobiographical elements from the works like “Old Curiosity Shop” and others. Charles Dickens also wrote one of the controversial works “American Notes” in 1842. He published a total of 15 novels in his lifetime making each work popular among the readers and unique in its context.

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