Charles Dickens Literary Style- Remarkable for its intelligibility

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People remember Charles Dickens for his distinctive style of writing. His writing probably makes use of satire as well as humor. He started his literary career by writing papers for newspapers, magazines which are mostly understandable by the readers. Charles Dickens is the master of writing. He delivers the story which the reader easily interprets.

Charles Dickens Characters

Ideal characters form an important part in his novels thereby giving the readers space for growing. His novels contrast with the Ugly aspects of life and portray in his stories in a realistic manner. For instance, take his work Oliver Twist which is the best example of one of his idealized characters.

The naivety of the character and the values which has inculcated throughout his life even in difficult situations is very important and empathize with the struggle of the readers. Charles Dickens always become successful in occupying the attention of Oliver readers. He gives readers something new to love and remember forever.

Some topics are dark but the use of satire and humor makes it an enjoyable read. There is subtle employment of incredible circumstances which makes the book a page-turner. The descriptions of the different classes from which the characters come thereby reflecting upon the realities of the Victorian era. This distinctness makes him unique.

There is a subtle connection between the characters and their surrounding. There is a beautiful landscape with the description of residences parallel and associating with the essence of the characters. Colors play an important role in his work. He is not only a writer of the Victorian Era but the writer of all ages. There is strong imagery resembling with the present time. Exaggeration was one of its techniques to elevate the work. This implied the characters of his work better.

The painting of the characters is real that it seems to appear in the present time. The extensiveness in the characters makes the plot reach out to the heart of the readers. He makes every effort to enhance the uniqueness of his character. The use of dark and light colors to express emotions in the characters makes the novels more dramatic and worth reading. His heroes are the aristocratic representation of the people in society.

Use of Literary devices

The stories use many literary devices and picturesque stories and simple plots. His works show how good triumphs over evil and how they are different and unexpected in ways in which situations can be handled in real life and Adventures can be taken place to make life more enjoyable. There is Representation reflecting and being similar to reality to a greater extent. The reader remembers the work forever because of this reason.

He used to read Robinson Crusoe written by Daniel Defoe, Arabian Nights written by Henry Fielding and others. Charles Dickens is famous for his use of Vivid description, metaphors, and imagery. He uses these techniques to capture the attention of the characters. Daniel Defoe and Henry Fielding influenced Charles Dickens.

Despite not having a good education, he found inspiration in various other writers and the enormous supply of books made his works more interesting. He is one of the writers who willingly exposes directedness in his novels. There is an amalgamation of realism and the truth prevailing in society. There are beautiful descriptions of clashes between religion and Science. You can find the subject ranging from prolific literary activity to the important social reforms and the criticism which has taken place since time and long.

He makes use of personification and symbolism like those of the candles which acts as a source of light and the darkness. This is portrayed in such a unique manner that it feels too real and connected. Black color or dark color represents emotions of loneliness, fear, and death. There is a sense of love and happiness when you read his novels. Most of his stories are in the episodic form.

He is a master of using this particular method in his novels. There are cliffhanger endings that keep the readers booked under the end of the idolization of the characters and the setting is so perfect that you cannot find it anywhere else. There is a beautiful portrayal of values even in difficult situations. He aims at occupying something completely different from the other writers. There is the use of incredible circumstances in the book. Adventurous situations would make the entire work interesting and makes it a distinct Charles Dickens Literary Style.

Each of his Novels has some message, some emotion for the readers whether it is Christmas carol, Oliver Twist, or any other work. He is not only a talented storyteller but also a phenomenon stylist. English literature has another category of works in the list of Dickens’s styles. His interest in creating beautiful project works led to his popularity among the reader.

The similies and the literary figures used gives the work an in-depth understanding. These characteristics make his works and Charles Dickens’s literary style memorable. He reflects an epoch of foolishness, an age of wisdom, and a season of incredulity through his works. As readers, you will surely empathize with his works.

He is the “fellow-creature”. A considerable voice is given to the readers for reflecting better upon their real lives. He insisted upon the changes to come on time, changes which can transform the world into a better place for the people especially the working and the middle class. Readers find Charles Dickens Literary style fantastic and easy to understand at the same time.

Charles Dickens is the outspoken critic in the subjects of economic and social conditions. He felt the social commentaries deeply felt through collective awareness techniques. He approaches the subjects of society in the gentleman manner.

His strange sense of the worldly affairs is inexhaustibly represented in his works making them the most recommended ones to read. He is one of the artists with the strongest and healthiest minds. There is no such work that lacks polish and structure. His works are very fine and symbolic of human misery and conditions in the real world.

He was a contemporary reputed artist whose works were preferred to be read by most of the readers. Charles Dickens’s literary style was commendable. K.J. Fielding believes, “If he were not so well known as a novelist, he might have been recognized as a great English essayist.”

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