Charlotte Bronte As A Novelist- Realist and Celebrated writer

This article gives you an insight into Charlotte Bronte as a novelist. It highlights the aspects which make her writing unique and distinctive.

Charlotte Bronte, the leading lady of the Victorian period. What made her such a successful and reputed novelist? Well, her passion is one of these factors. As a reader of her novels, I enjoyed Charlotte Bronte’s entire oeuvre. There are beautiful artworks in her name gaining popularity until today.

Her novels reach the depths and the heights of the reader’s expectations. Once you read her works, you will acknowledge the reading one of the hard-working writers. She is the epitome of the representation of the Victorian Era. You also need to know that she used a pseudonym Currer Bell for publishing her novels. This was used when her novel Jane Eyre was published. Her novel Jane Eyre is published in 1847 and known as the “best novel of the season”. There were curiosity and speculations formed about the author Currer Bell. Well, this is not her only pen name. There are others as well.

Another Novel Villette is published in 1853, based on the incidents of the Brussels period. Do you know she has also one novel unfinished? Yes, she only wrote the first two chapters of the novel, and then she died at the age of 38. Other writers completed this novel. And it has done justice to the imagination of the original author Charlotte Bronte. She has done justice to the 19the century writing period. Her writing was mostly the traces of the life of a woman and the typical norms of the Victorian Period which was predominant in that time which makes the readers acknowledge Charlotte Bronte as a novelist.

The depths of understanding which her novel imparted are very empathetic and interesting to read. Her focus on the delineating passions of women and the struggles in their lives is contrary to her predecessor Jane Austen who focuses more on social criticism. A thorough and true depiction of the “female heart and mind” is in her novels. Whether it be the not so acclaimed Stancliffe’s Hotel or her highly acclaimed novel Professor, she did justice to the story and the characters.

A reader who reads and interprets the novels critically will observe that the characters of the novels had some resemblance with her personal experiences and incidents. Her novels are powerful enough to satisfy the enigma of the readers. In simple words, her novel was “perfectly fresh and life-like”. Her novels connect with the reader’s conscience.

No reader would deny that her characters were attractive alluring the interests at once right from the beginning of the story. Her characters were ordinary-looking figures with extraordinary intelligence and courage to deal with the struggles and the forthcoming experiences of their lives. Charlotte was a strong-willed lady and so were her major characters.

The novels of Charlotte Bronte teach the readers importance of self-Reliance. The passionate plea of the author reaches to the readers in a very true and raw manner. Charlotte Bronte is “the first historian of the private consciousness”. She has secured her Fame as one of the literary genii for ages. Her Novels and the pain in the characters had the potential of engendering fearlessness with the motion of grief has been emboldened by the author in her novels insisting the readers have a true understanding of morality.

There are different shades of emotions in her novel making it psychologically subtle. Her novel has exquisitely modern themes of the novel which are sufficient in themselves creating a strange and beautiful joyful experience of fancy as well is reality as a reader. You will witness a perfect Union of the imagination and emotions pulsating your heart rate at every read. There are descriptive and narrative styles in her writing is the true example of the rich description of a novel. The syntax and style of a novel are elaborate and novel into the Phrases and the clauses and managers to make the readers feel balanced and exact.

There is a subtle interconnection of the ideas with a series of explanations making it one of the enjoyable reads. The philosophical disposition of novels is impressive, Her characters have the capability of appealing to abundant emotions and extraordinary imaginations from the readers. It creates an atmosphere that is not only understandable by the intellectuals but also by the common readers. The autobiographical approach used by Charlotte Bronte makes it more connected with the reader. She mostly uses the first-person narrative which strengthens the novels and intensifies the work.

Charlotte Bronte is thus one of the true writers of her age. Right from the emotions, she portrays to the stories she tells to the readers is the wise and honest representation of the incidents of her time. The critics say she was a gem lost too soon. The writings of Charlotte Bronte challenged the readers to face the predicament of the female nature and to use them for envisaging the subject with men. She carefully fenced the stories and brought life to the confined characters and the settings making them elegant. Read her works and you will feel the intensity of her thoughts and gain insight into the fact of Charlotte Bronte as a novelist.

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