Charlotte Bronte Autobiography- A complete Background

This article is on the topic of Charlotte Bronte autobiography. It is all about her life and how she started her career in writing.

Charlotte Bronte autobiography
Charlotte Bronte autobiography

Family and Early Life

Charlotte Bronte was born in 1816. She is the third daughter of Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. She had a brother whose name was Patrick Branwell born in 1817. There were Three Sisters in the family Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte, and Charlotte Bronte. The Bronte family lived in Haworth. Charlotte Bronte used to work as a governess in the Sidgewick family. However, after three months, she returned to Howarth.  Charlotte Bronte started her school and completed her studies in Brussels. She remained there till 1844.

Charlotte also discovered the poems written by Emily and Anne and decided to publish them in a collection of the pseudonym of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. She has written many novels that include The Professor, Jane Eyre, and others in 1848. Charlotte Bronte along with her sister Emily and Anne visited publishers in London and revealed the true identity of the Bells in 1849. Charlotte Bronte visited London for expanding the literary circles.

A.B. Nicholas proposed Charlotte Bronte but she refused the proposal initially. However, after some time, Charlotte and Nicholas were engaged and started living at Harvard after the marriage. Charlotte used to admire him but she was not in love with him. She also did the job of a governess. The job of the governess is a job into slavery. She felt the temperamental need which unsuited her personality. She faced a mental breakdown in the year 1838 which enforced her to resign her position.

Early Works

Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell has also published a work named Life of Charlotte Bronte” after her death. There are other works like The Professor which are published posthumously. She sent a sample of poetry to the then poet Laureate of England Robert Southey.

Charlotte Bronte has also found internal motivation and enthusiasm from her sisters Emily and Anne Bronte. This has significantly contributed to her success. Charlotte has completed her schooling from Mrs. Woolsey’s school at Roe’s Head in 1831.

However, Governess being the only real employment opportunity for middle-class women like Charlotte Bronte in Victorian England but this job was not suitable for Charlotte. She did not enjoy living in other people’s houses which made her drift from the real self of the individual. Charlotte begins enforcing her powers and energy into writing novels and works. It is the works of sisters that motivated her to publish them.

However, Charlotte Bronte was not able to enjoy the pleasures of a literary community. This is because it was overshadowed by the tragedy of her family. Charlotte Bronte has represented the grief of this tragedy in the novel “Shirley” in 1849. The death of Charlotte Bronte’s brother was in the year 1848 due to alcoholic failure. Emily and Anne Bronte also died later.

Charlotte Bronte was left emotionally shattered after these incidents. The Literary community recognised her as a major writer in English Literature. There were various enthusiastic supporters of her writing.

She also became acquainted with several writers like William Thackeray, Elizabeth Gaskell who wrote autobiographies of Charlotte Bronte’s letter after her death. Charlotte Bronte died on March 31, 1855, a month before her 39th birthday. In 1854 Charlotte was expecting a child. However, she caught pneumonia and died due to the severity of the illness.

These were the major details of the Charlotte Bronte autobiography which will enhance your knowledge about the writer thoroughly.

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