Charlotte Bronte’s poems, list of 8 Heartfelt poetic verses

This feature accounts for Charlotte Bronte’s poems. These works reflect her personal lives and her explicit feelings expressed in the poetic verse.

Have you faced the monotony in recent times? The kind of monotony which makes you confused. Sometimes the monotony is too temporary. It does not shore aside by scrolling social media accounts.

The surroundings around you and the vibe which it creates is important.  This type of monotony reverses your thinking to the past. There are some occasional instances where you feel like reading poems.

 All these works make you realize what you are feeling. This is not one of the terrible things which you cannot endure. It is common in this era of unending and overflowing workloads. This feeling is quite healthy if it is moderate. You can use reading poems as a catalyst to feel better and give yourself time for creating intensity and productivity.

Read Charlotte Bronte’s poems, works, and ease your experience of feeling lonely music in the dark evenings.

On the death of Anne Bronte

Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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“There’s little joy in life for me,

And little terror in the grave”

This poem is written by Charlotte Bronte when her 29-year-old sister and the closest friend and Anne Bronte died because of tuberculosis. This poem is not only about the expression of tragic loss but is also about the experience of mortality when the readers will go through the poem. The speaker’s views are seen in the favour of peace and finally of death.

Charlotte Bronte has adopted a romantic sized and a gothic language for describing the death of her friend in one of the artistic manners. This approach elevates the entire poem in terms of beauty and reality. I love this poem because with each stanza you can hear the pain and the struggle of the speaker. You can also feel the Reminisces about her sister.

You can feel all the painful Times which is witnessed by her after her sister died. The Reader gets connected with the strongest of the emotions. She has expressed her emotions intensely into the measurable state. The writer shows how these feelings are overpowering her thoughts of the grave.


Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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“Life and marriage I have known,

Things once deemed so bright;

Now, how utterly is flown”

This Poem, among other Charlotte Bronte’s poems, forms part of the collection of her early Juvenalian, published in 1846. It is part of the collection of the poems written by Currer Bell, Ellis Bell, and Acton Bell. This is the story where the writer is wishing to leave the house, where she was originally born. The description of her beautiful home, silent room is beautiful.

The exchange of memories plays an important role in highlighting the incidents of her life that explain all the aspects like life and marriage which she has witnessed in her lifetime. She is giving a kind of farewell to the foreign lands which were once glorious to her. It is one of the nostalgic poems where the writer is Reminiscing about her past and expressing her feelings in a beloved voice.

There are a lot of incidents that occur in this poem. The feeling when one longs for home is very much prominent in the theme. It also mentions her family in the form of a metaphor. The simple words used like heaven and home would display much deeper meaning. The rhythm of the poem is quite soothing. The readers find an answer to the question about what she regrets and for what did she needed more time?

The Teachers Monologue

Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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To toil, to think, to long, to grieve,–

Is such my future fate?

The morn was dreary, must the eve

Be also desolate?

This poem is from the part of our first Publication Poems by Currer Bell, Ellis Bell, and Acton Bell. Charlotte Bronte wrote this poem expressing the characteristics of a room and the people she has been acquainted within her life. She expresses her home and finds it to be blessed. The description of the hill in the distant place is very beautiful and etches a special memory in the life of the author.

The Reader comes to know what the happiest hours of the day are. She also expresses that she is not happy at times and has a wilful spirit. She was better quiet strong which bring soon as to her mind and soul. However, all her efforts for singing go in vain. It expresses the sorrow of aching grief and the memories which form nostalgia.

They are too cold and dead to make you feel anything. There are many things like pleasure and patience which are in this work. She is sometimes frustrated and asks the question about her faith? What is that one thing which will stop her from suffering? Will that be the reason for patience, not faith?

Evening Solace

Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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But there are hours of lonely musing,

Such as in evening silence come,

When soft as birds their pinions closing,

The heart’s best feelings gather at home.

In this poem, the speaker is musing about a lonely and miserable life. She speaks about the time which she has spent at home she expresses all those feelings and memories Haunting her back from the past. The overall structure of the poem is very impressive. Firstly she starts by stating the number of emotions and thoughts a human heart carries.

The thoughts and memories are both negative and positive. The author locks them in such a manner that they are not visible on normal days and nights. Charlotte Bronte paints a beautiful picture of the feeling of Solitude which is a likely feeling for the evening. All the negative memories and thoughts of grief and heartbreak are reminiscent.

The positive thoughts have lost somewhere and their original intensities disappeared. However, these negative thoughts are much capable of invoking sadness with the expectation of fading as the days pass by. The speaker is also proclaiming the fact about the possibility of how someone who waits for the time when the sad feeling and the memories surrounding. This is one of the beautiful characteristics of these negative thoughts and feelings that they don’t Stay forever that come and go in the evening solitudes.

Speak to the north! a lonely moor!

Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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Profoundly still the twilight air,

Lifeless the landscape; so we deem

Till like a phantom gliding near

A stag bends down to drink the stream.

This is a collection of the poem of the Bronte sisters and also the brother of Branwell. This is a beautiful and Haunting Ode to the land where the Bronte sisters lift and call the home.

This poem in the list of Charlotte Bronte’s poems is about the glorious country of Yorkshire. This poem features various subjects and things inclusive of the nature and the family history of the Brontes. The writer speaking of the north and talking about the silent and the Dark Side of the voice refers to the Twilight.

She is also being given the landscape and the country of Yorkshire which is described as lifeless, which is not pleasurable or enjoyable. The queen resembles the Phantom. The author does not forget the faraway mountains and describes her heart. The use of literary devices and languages makes it more interesting. It gives the poem the feel which the readers can connect with Charlotte Bronte’s poems.


Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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Some have won a wild delight,

By daring wilder sorrow;

Could I gain thy love to-night,

I’d hazard death to-morrow.

Charlotte Bronte decided against revealing the truth of a life which was filled with feelings, thoughts, dreams, and many other disappointments. Passion is about the hope she had in her life in the context of the things which she could make better. Every person on this earth has some wild delights which make them uncommon and unusual.

She also has come thing as the wild delight which she talks about in this poem. The author talks about the battle and the struggles faced in life and how she can find them. She welcomes tonight which are Sleepless, which makes your heart weep. Passion is very important for life and individuals to need in your life.

She wants to be Tempest and stiff like trees and to remain unaffected by the negative thoughts and feelings. The author wants to have happiness and find pride in the things she does. She expresses the feelings of being high and free and prove yourself in the eyes of a loved one.

The letter

Charlotte Bronte's Poems
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Those tears flow over, wonder not,

For by the inscription see

In what a strange and distant spot

Her heart of hearts must be!

This poem shows her poetic style which is plane and vivid. She uses the combination of highly descriptive verses that connect with the readers and their complexity residing in their emotions. The poetic tone for works shows the explicit aspects that it creates and ignites feelings of melancholy and awe among readers.

So her poems Express the objective interior of a world. She uses for projecting her thoughts the external and internal objects together with creating more impressive emotions. The use of imagery and metaphor is a piece of work clear and precise.


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LIFE, belief, is not a dream

So dark as sages say;

Oft a little morning rain

Foretells a pleasant day.

This poem is a three-stanza long and follows the alternating rhyme scheme. This poem gives the simple message of life. It is written for dispelling the myth and the dark elements of life which make everything unpleasant. She has compared the unpleasant things with the clouds and the other transient elements.

She also makes efforts for minimising the power of death and ensuring that life is much more beautiful than death. Hope makes life much better. It is also important to have loved ones in life so that they can help the people and encourage them to fight their battles. She dissipates the message of creating a positive influence on life.

The author celebrates the positivities of life and encourages people to appreciate the incidents in life. The lines of the Charlotte Bronte’s poems are strengthened the entire poem and its purpose. Hope is a very strong aspect and it makes the life of beautiful irrespective of the overshadowing power of death.

These are the important poems for which Charlotte Bronte is known for. These works are a true representation of her life. Her life has been full of tragedies and despair. She has used the medium of poetry to add deep metaphorical meanings to the feelings and thoughts which adds depth to the real life. Take out some time to read these extraordinary works. And you will surely learn what a strong lady Charlotte Bronte was.

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