Spooky Things to do During the Halloween Season

Spooky Things to do During the Halloween Season

Halloween is right around the corner, and there are tons of spooky stuff to enjoy. It’s time for you to wear your favorite Halloween costume, watch your favorite scary movies, and go trick or treating with your friends! Best of all, it’s the perfect season to start playing magical and horrifying games, such as Wizard’s Brew – Halloween-inspired fun on Amazon Alexa! But aside from playing Halloween games, what more can you do during this spooky season? Don’t worry because there are many terrifying things you can do to make your Halloween special!

Create a Big Batch of Halloween-Inspired Pastries

If you aren’t going trick or treating, then you might want to showcase your baking skills and make Halloween-inspired cookies or cupcakes! We all know how Halloween is a season of not only scary stuff but also an abundance of sweets. At the same time, show them how creative you are by drawing spiders or mummies on them. Invite your neighbors to taste it and give some takeaways for dessert!

Halloween is the Wizard’s Brew.

Paint & Carve Pumpkins

The pumpkin patch is filled with families and friends looking for the right pumpkins to carve or paint. Draw some googly eyes, a mouth with only one tooth, and put a candle inside to light up your masterpiece! Halloween won’t be complete if you don’t do some arts and crafts with your family and friends, after all!

Enjoy Halloween with the Grownups with Some Cocktails

For grownups who host Halloween parties all the time, it’s time to mix up some evil concoction with a little bit of alcohol to set in the mood. There are tons of recipes that are Halloween-inspired, which you can easily do at home. You can either invite your friends or set up a virtual party and drink your very own happy hour during the night of Halloween!

Halloween with the Grownups with Some Cocktails

Enjoy a Simple Halloween Movie Marathon

End the night with some spooky movies on loop. Of course, Halloween is where the real horrifying things begin. And you should complete the experience by binge-watching the best Halloween movies! For example, Netflix will have all of the best scary movies on October 31 for those who love watching horror movies.

Make Some S’mores & Read a Chilling Book

If you plan to stay in and just enjoy the Halloween mood alone, why don’t you grab a book and make some s’mores? Eating sweets while enjoying a bone-chilling book in your living room is one of the best ways to cap the night. Not only will you immerse yourself in a wonderful story, but eat the best dessert at the same time! Pair it with your favorite hot cocoa, and you’re good to go!

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