This movies hit the Telugu people in 2022

This movies hit the Telugu people in 2022

Do you know there are many benefits of watching a movie? Are you aware of the benefits that you get after spending your evening free time on different genres of shows and films? Watching movies can boost your hormones, lowering your stress level. After a productive day, who wouldn’t like to spend their time for themselves and have some meaningful, healthy time? In addition, if you are a fan of Telugu movies that are hitting people on a different level and swooning over them. What’s more, there are new Telugu movies 2022 streaming online on the Aha platform, which can make your evening meaningful.

Some new releases are Bheemla Nayak, Dj Tillu, and Sardar. The concepts of the movie are different, and so is the plot.

What’s the story?

The plot and the story of the movie are what decide the 70% success of the film. Moreover, having a good story theme is essential.

Alcohol is not good Bheemla Nayak.

Bheemla Nayak, the latest release of 2022 on the OTT platform, is an action thriller motion picture by Trivikram K Chandra. It is a remake of a Malayalam picture, Ayyappanum Koshiyum. In this movie, the ex-Havaldaar crosses the border with a heavy amount of liquor. Later beating up the police in charge. Further, Bheemla arrives and checks out the situation at hand hitting him in progress. But, finds out that Danny is the son of a very influential. The climax of the story is when Danny releases a video further to the media of Bheemla drinking alcohol.

Dj Tillu is on the disc.

However, the story Dj Tillu is a comedy thriller with Tillu and the female lead trying to do something about the dead body. Radhika killed her ex-boyfriend accidentally. Furthermore, they start to get blackmailed by a guy who filmed the whole burying scene.

The Spyciest Sardar.

The plot of Sardar movie is very thrilling and action-packed. Vijay, the camera-loving police, is given the task to catch the mastermind behind a project throughout the country. He sees this as an opportunity to be the star face and build his reputation in the department. Further in the investigation, he finds out that the national traitor was interrogated by Sardar but never revealed anything about him. This way the story builds up, taking you on the Roller Coaster

There are more new movies online on the OTT platform aha, check out the platform for more.

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