Literary Fiction Short Stories- An aesthetic pleasure

This article gives the list of best literary fiction short stories of all time. These stories attract readers with their simplicity and beauty.

always long for an effective story. Short stories provide the aesthetic feeling to the readers. Short stories are less time-consuming. These are more concise formats of reading than long novels. It gives you intense pleasure in completing. The moralistic approach given to the short stories makes it very interesting.

Short stories have a different fan base. It does not demand an excess of time which thus makes it comfortable to approach. Short stories urge the readers to start with the new read. It attracts most of the readers because they are handy.

Most importantly it brings back the habit of the readers to read. It can be a good warm-up session for all the ages of readers. So inculcate it into the daily habits and enjoy the pleasures of reading.

Going To Meet The Man by James Baldwin

Going To Meet The Man
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James Baldwin is one of the most famous writers known for his extreme potential of creating the universalizing effect on the readers. It is the anthology of stories written in 1965. It explores the individual lives of the characters who are associated with one another and to the American South. The character resides in New York City.

A celebrity protagonist is living in the United States. Baldwin suggests that this place is entirely on sleep and the unfamiliar person cannot live in this place. There are a total of eight stories forming the part of the anthology namely ‘The rockpile’, ‘The outing’, ‘The man child’, ‘Previous condition’, ‘Sony blues’, ‘This morning this evening so soon’, ‘Come out the wilderness, and ‘Going to meet the man’.

The Night Driver By Italo Calvino

The Night Driver
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This is one of the literary fiction short stories of 1967. It showcases the struggles and the challenges which the human beings face in their relations and Technology in the postmodern era. It depicts the inner journey of the character showing the different stages of modifications that he or she faces in their life.

There are no straightforward creation of changes but the chronological occurrence of the events brings the changes in the expected as well as unexpected manner. This story is the demonstration of a lonely man whose intention is to Reconcile with his girlfriend but his thoughts don’t allow him to do so in the reality.

The narrative technique restricts the occurrence of a single event with the cars racing along the highway. The interpretation of complicated situations is very important to understand. It creates a character and showcases the imaginative journey which develops the entire story.

The Landlady by Roald Dahl

The Landlady
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It is the story of the major character Billy Weaver. He lives in Bath. There is the mentioning of the pub, the “Bell and the Dragon”. The author creates the setting of the harsh weather conditions in Bath creating a tense atmosphere.

The author has also made use of the images which describe the cold wind which foreshadows the events throughout the story. The use of terms like “flat blade” and “dead cold” evokes the ideas of danger and violence. The situation of daily life is through the use of the unfamiliarity of the city.

The story also emphasizes the philosophy of danger with the human experience is because of urban anonymity. Mr. Green said is another character in the story. The enthusiastic and ambitious nature of belief represents the admirability created thereby binding the entire story among the literary fiction short stories together shedding light on the importance of their qualities.

Private Tuition By Mr. Bose by Anita Desai

Private Tuition
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This story is about a man whose name is Mr. Bose. He is a private tutor who teaches language and poetry from his home. Mr. Bose has a small size apartment which creates constraints while the process of teaching. He also takes care of his wife and children. Mr. Bose has two students Pritam, the son of a Pandit who study scriptures regularly. The second student is a young woman Upneet who is The proverbial Serpent and visits the teacher for disrupting the domestic staff of Mr bosses small household.

Mr. Bose is mindful of the domestic harmony which he represents. This story is symbolic of the conventional and convenient daily routine of a husband who wants to earn bread for his family. It also depicts the contentment of domestic life. It is a simple story suggesting the beauty of simplicity and this arrangement inside the overabundant cramped urban quarters.

There are images like the river Hooghly which is the weaving symbol of driving the attention of the readers. It also depicts the contradictions of maintaining a personal as well as professional life in the same environment with the expectation of excelling in both.

A View From The Observatory by Helen Dunmore

A View From The Observatory
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This story is about two young women who are assessing the view of the Clifton suspension bridge from the Bristol camera obscura. The scene of a woman running away from a man has likely happened in Venice. The pictures were recaptured in the camera. There is drifting in between the couple. It reappears later alone when the two young women had a picture of the entire scene but do not discuss whatever they have seen it or not.

It is left for the reader to interpret and infer. This author ensures that compassion is one of the key aspects. She gives the voice to the characters and to the story in such a different manner that the readers that attracted significantly.

Helen Dunmore has been successful in exploring the projectile relation between passion and the morality of love, parenthood,  friendship, and the grief with the parts the people from each other and create such a turning point in the lives of the people.

In Plain Sight by Mavis Gallant

Literary Fiction Short Stories
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This literary fiction short story creates a political setting and showcases an optimistic attitude in the light of different perspectives. It is related to be an accountable nostalgia and the psyche which is related to the probable mixture of the Psyche of the characters. However, it is not easy to understand the inner side of an individual. It is not simply a comfortable place that can be inhabited so easily. The author describes the unexpected aspects.

Mavis Gallant is a major character and is one of the competent assistance. He lives his life dominated by temperament. The major acquaintance to henry grips a showcased from the viewpoint of Mavis gallant. This story is about professional integrity which is important for heading in life both professionally as well as personally. “In plain sight” is a kind of story which the readers feel immensely.

The Midnight Zone by Lauren Groff

Literary Fiction Short Stories
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It is the story of an individual struggling with the unspecified illness. It shows how she must be able to cope with keeping self alert. She has two boys and she facing the challenges of parenthood. It shows the struggles of motherhood.

This story is the beautiful manifestation of the existential threat. It is one of the emotionally grabbing tales which passionates the readers. It is a matter of question whether the major character changes at the end of the story or not. There is an invisible predictor that is present at the different stages of a life which seems to be appearing slowly. This disappearance is important in the story.

It is profound in its meaning if not in plot construction. The use of the beautiful language and the phenomena images helps in the better unraveling. the story amounting to be the expected result. It is not only about the effort of the author in making it interesting but rather empathetic and connects it to readers. The story asks a question to the readers recording the substantial or the transparent parenthood which would be chosen by the character.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Literary Fiction Short Stories
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The lottery is a short story. It is a classic American story with shops and surprises its readers with a twist in the ending. This story is demonstrative of the insightful commentary on the cultural traditions which are followed by people for ages. It was first published in the year 1948. The beginning of the tale introduces the villagers gathered in the town square. The story becomes more interesting up to the lottery begins.

There are different points of view given to the readers which can help them in suspecting the real idea. The author focuses on the word and the symbol of the winner. Several themes are embodied in this short story. The society’s requirement to read summoning its cultural traditions and bringing modifications in the same for the betterment.

This theme is one of the primary things which is brought out and highlighted. It is very important to get out of the shell and be part of the goodness in society. It may be termed as a sacrifice or the modification in the lives of the individual.

I hope you are motivated to modify your habits a little bit and inculcate the habit of reading literary fiction short stories of your own choice. There is no need to overanalyze your thoughts. Feel free to choose any of the literary fiction short stories you feel comfortable with. With time you can improve your knowledge and weigh your wisdom in the long run.

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