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This article presents the Literary Fiction Thriller. The books mentioned are really interesting to read and creates a thrilling experience throughout.

Reading books that blow up your mind is so interesting right? The process of turning pages one by one and not expecting it to end abruptly. That feeling developed inside the heart when you are at the moment of knowing the truth. That is the quality of the suspense and thriller novels. It has all the elements that can make you turn the pages and long for one more chapter.

The characters are very engaging. The setting is so different from everyday life that it creates a situation in which an individual imagines to be. The entire taste of the novel changes with The Fast-paced and the slow-paced development of the story.

I am presenting you the best literary fiction thrillers of all time which will definitely be worth your time to read.

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

literary fiction thriller
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This is a story represented in two times. One is the present, another in the past. It is one of the traditional themes. It is the specialization of the author of making a classic storyline into her own and presenting. This story has the most unique patterns presented to the readers.

The setting and the atmosphere of this novel helps in reflecting upon the emotions infused within the characters thereby elevating the status to another level. It is one of the compulsive, suspenseful, and the poetic piece of work. I have come across the genre of literary fiction thriller. The major character is Laurel whose teenage daughter Ellie goes missing. She was a very smart and clever girl.

The storyline of the departure of a Daughter from her mother is a great emotional aspect. This creates tensions in the Minds of the readers and takes them towards the ultimate dramatic end. She went to the library and never returned. But was it International or it was something else behind the unnerving disappearance of a teenage girl. There are shocking revelations in this novel creating personal epiphanies and taking the novel towards its poignant end.

Freefall by Jessica Barry

literary fiction thriller
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This literary fiction thriller portrays the life of Alison’s mother. This novel shows how the dark web of life can create conflicts in the lives of the mother and daughter and the relationship which they share. Alison is the daughter of Maggie who died in the plane crash along with her fiancé. However, through the story, it is revealed that Alison is not dead but she is escaping a mysterious happening.

This desperation of the Reader’s mind more into the novel. The characters are pretty interesting and the book focuses on the discovery of the truth related to what and how. The title of the novel itself is interesting. The story begins with Alison surviving a plane crash where she remains the lone Survivor and the pilot who was dead was her fiancé. Alison lost everything and expect herself not to be found by her mother. It is about the survival and the family conflicts which makes the noble remarkable in its sense.

Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

literary fiction thriller
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This literary fiction thriller is about the murder which the former student Raskolnikov commits. He is now wandering through the slums of Saint Petersburg City. However, he has the perception of himself that he is a great man, a Napoleon who has some higher purpose in his life above the conventional morality of the society preached by his people. This novel portrays the extraordinary understanding of human nature and the deep study of human psychology creating an incredible piece of work to understand the complexities of the characters.

This novel is extremely engaging because of the elements and beauty of intrigue philosophy and social commentary contributing to its Masterpiece creation. It is the reflection of the role of the human condition and how it can change and more itself in the gruesome and the vulnerable of the conditions. The literary genius of this novel is exquisitely phenomenal creating a strong emotional resonance with the readers.

The Magus by John Fowles

The Magus
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This is the thriller novel of John Fowles in 1965. It is a Masterpiece. It has remained in the list of the essential reading of the thriller fans. The style of the storytelling is so impressive that The Reader longs for tales with entails continuously have you ever read a productive story.

There is an unravelling of the truth that proves different things. This novel has the potential of creating a strong impression on the adolescence mines. There is a Greek island with a young man, Nicholas Urfe. He is a teacher at the local School. However, the story changes when he comes across Conchis who is a mysterious, well-read, and reclusive man living with a beautiful woman or maybe to a beautiful woman. It is about the beginning of the God game with an unexpected twist making it a surprising element for the readers.

Absolute Friends by John Le Carré

Absolute Friends
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Not all thriller books are everyone’s cup of tea and this book falls into that category. This is about the story of the absolute friendship among two friends one who is The naive idealist, Ted Mundy, and another Sasha student working for Stasi.

This is one of the spy thrillers which is inclusive of the occasional elements in the espionage world. It was published in the year 2003 and acted as one of the strong responses to the events of 9/11. The story is most dramatically reflecting upon the uncompromising and the uncompensated view of the Americans on the concept of terror and war.

Readers satisfy their literary curiosity. Mundi was the character born on the first day of Pakistan’s Independence from India. It is one of the books which gives enormous literary clues making it more interesting.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl
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This novel is famous for its split narrative technique which makes it the modern suspense thriller. The author introduces the readers with the character Nick Dunne and his wife Amy Write. The story developed with the alternating sequences of events in the marriage where one is the present story and another in the past.

There are impressive and unique structural tricks and techniques which the author uses for creating a particular and sensitive impression on the readers. The authenticity of the male voice gives it so much weight. The readers can find the satisfying end to the novel with the unexpected and the huge end revealed.

The Widow by Fiona Barton

The Widow
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Troubles in marriages are one of the common aspects of today’s era. Based on such theme psychological thrillers have been written. They have the capability of giving a perfect illustration to the readers who have not experienced such a thing. The widow is about the lady whose husband is suspected of the crime. Jean, the lady stood by him until the end but the stark realities of the marriage created such a Chaos and confusion that it did not contribute to a happy ending.

The author has however been successful in depicting the perfection of the duties which the wife carried out with immense loud and utter feel. However, her husband dies at the end and for her remains no reason to keep her secrets to her self. What are the secrets which she is hiding since such a long time is the question inside the mind of the readers before coming to its end.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl On The Train
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This is an emotional novel of the major character Rachel Watson who is wrestling feelings for her ex-husband. She plans to heal from her toxic relationship and that is why manages to shift her ideas and thoughts while commuting daily from the train taking Oxfordshire to London. This journey reminds me of the house in which she used to live with her ex-husband.

 However, she tries every attempt to distract itself from the reality of their separation. There is a contradiction in the life of a couple who is living happily and is deeply in love. The theme of this novel is basically how a woman deals with the past relationship of despair. It unveils the distressing truth about the violence and the atrocities of love life and wretched marriage conditions.

I hope the list of the given literary fiction thriller was interesting to learn about. You will further find pleasures in reading the entire novel feeling every bit of them for the ultimate thrill and energy.

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