top 10 fantasy novels 2020- a journey from one world to another

Do you remember the bedtime stories which you used to listen to from your parents, grandparents, or your nanny? Were these stories for real? Well, Not always. Some times they were too grandeur to believe, right. Some time you felt like it is impossible in reality. It felt like the creation of someone’s capability of fantasizing things.

Even, when you grew up, there were times you thought about the things which were probably impossible. You imagined like you are in a different world doing in great contrast with reality. And you loved delving into that imagination deeper. Now that is what fantasy is. A world that is not real but is expected to be. The activities in this world are the result of imagination and the feeling of deprivation of something, and you don’t know possibly what. These fantasies have been penned down by the authors of the fantasy novel in their own words.

Various novels are read by a book lover. The fantasy genre is one among them. Fantasy novels 2020 have gained whole new popularity after exploring the movie and novel of Harry Potter. Fantasy has hit the stride of the thoughts of people. These stories are not real but are not least expected to be real.

The modern world is full of thought-provoking stories acting as an awesome escape for everyone. We have witnessed the complete era of visualizing fantasy in books, novels, and the games. We live our daily lives in the ultimate reality and truth of incidents. And when the authors give us a glimpse of the magic and the adventure we are looking for, it feels thrilling and exciting.

Not only these fantasy novels become our escape, they become another reality we want to be in. The things we can’t do in reality, and the aspects which we miss in our lives, we search for the same with complete vigor in these fantasy novels. As we experience a series of events and activities in our daily lives, these fantasy books are too, a series of events, not exhausting rather enthralling.

Come’ on, who are we lying to? Every individual is attracted to adventures and a fantasy world can give the experience of it all. Let us begin the journey of our fantasy world, a journey from one world to another, and regain a belief in something beautiful and happening through fantasy novels.

1. The Unspoken Name by A K Larkwood

Fantasy novels
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Are you in search of a book that kinds of meets your ultimate expectation of the fantasy? Then this is the right book for you. Meet with the most fascinating characters of Csorwe, Sethennai, and Pentravesse. Fulfill your desires of going for a mission and assassin the enemies.

Make yourself reachable to meet the farthest ends of the world. The developing suspense in the novel and the complete mysterious takeover will surely enthrall you. The narrative of this book is too intriguing to ignore. The craftiness of the author and more than that of the story is commendable. Acquaint yourself with another culture, different thoughts and ideas and intersect your feeling with the characters.

This novel will occupy your attention in no time. The author collaborates the system of magic with reality and strengthens the content of the novel.

What Do I like about this book?

One of the reasons, I like this book is its explicit and inherent development of the characters. The queerness of this novel is truly great. It is one of the best fantasy books to render yourself in without any doubt.

2. My Mother’s House By Francesca Momplaisir

My Mother’s House
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You can explore the originality of the class, race, and the violence which is used for reading by the people. The world of fantasy, fantasy novels, and their features are asserted which cannot be often communicated using the ordinary languages and the realistic imageries. Feel the immigrant American Dream and the related experiences which speak about the characters.

The beautifully featured people like Lucien and the Marie Ange Call which calls their home “my mother’s house”. This novel will attract you for its immigrant perspectives. The backdrop of the novel is very interesting to occupy the attention. There are various complexities which are associated with immigrant life. These complexities can be better read than experienced. This novel amuses you. The house has that level of consciousness which deviates you from the immigrant lifestyle.

What do I like about this book?

I like how the house in this book is identified and picturized. The way the author has used the theme for showcasing the demolition of the people and their incessant pleas. The Dark Side of the immigrant story, with which you can empathize completely. The depth of depravity can be learned about with the different perspectives which can ignite rage as well as the feeling of despair amongst the readers of the fantasy novels.

3. The Girl and the Stars By Mark Lawrence

The Girl And The Stars
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If you want to experience a completely different environment as compared to the other fantasy novels, then you can surely read this book. Yaz is the major character of the novel who lives in the tribe of the Ictha. You can unravel the unknown horrors and the fatigues of the different world of ice. Understand the penetrating darkness of the claustrophobic aspects which builds the complete tension and the navigating aspects of the alien environment.

You can also relate this book with the Book of the Ancestor, as the setting of the place is the same which is Abeth. It is hard to deny that the writing technique of this book is excellent. The unique crafting of the character makes gives the novel a different perspective. This is the part of the trilogy, which can be read even individually for none of the characters are the same.

A sense of excitement is created which can make the series much more interesting to read. You can feel the intimacy with the first point of view of this novel. The entire story is an allegory presented through the potential for changing the perspectives while reading fantasy novels.

What Do I like about this book?

The ability of the book to create magic and add value to the subglacial communities. If you are looking for a fresh new adventure with the brilliance of poetic attributes and prosaic aspects, then you should surely pick this book.

4. A time of Courage By John Gwynne

A Time Of Courage
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This book is an ideal pick for the people who love fantasy and look out for adventurous searches. Understand the legacy of truth and courage through this book which is beautifully linked through the stories and books.

The phenomenal climax of this book surely attracts the attention of the reader. You can connect with the different characters and the growth which you will visualize will be awestricken. Focus your mind and overcome the anxiety with the process of reading and understanding the characters.

What do I like about this book?

The entire series is my all-time favorite because it allows you to delve deeper into the plot and enjoy the portrayals of the authentic work penned down by the author.

5. We Ride The Storm by Devin Madson

We Ride The Storm
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This book has a magnification storyline that fascinates you. The characters are interesting and Instill a sense of liveliness. The content of the book grips you. You will surely be hesitant to put the book down.

You can see a Masterpiece with a unique storytelling technique. This book is all about the different sentences which connect you with the building cultures of the book and engages you with the characters you can associate yourself with. The characters find a wonderful perspective on the different levels of motivation.

This book provides you the slow and beautiful revealing of the storyline. This book will surely keep you intrigued. There are different characters whose crafting has been done very beautifully. It is recognized as one of the engaging fantasy novels which can be preferred for or being an efficient part of the genre of fantasy books.

There are different plotlines that introduce you with the different characters making the book more and more interesting. The will of the author to place the main characters in the right place and connect their emotions with the readers is commendable. The emphasizing on the beautiful elements of the book overrides the emotions and creates a sense of sympathy which can be used for the opportunity of opening and turning down the pages.

What did I like about this book?

I found it very extraordinary in terms of content as well as the quality of the process written. The plot may be found complicated by some but the technique and the narrative used for revealing the story are phenomenal. It is quite different from the other fantasy novels that would have been in the best of the list for a long time.

6. infinity son by adam Silvera

Infinity Son
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This book is one of the most exciting books in the latest series of fantasy collections. This book is inspired by the beautiful fascination of the author. The book and its content are made more interesting by connecting the readers and asking them questions. One of the finest fantasy novels you can find to read. There are not many complex characters.

The author has made efforts for keeping them dynamic and exciting. The characters of this book are explicit and inherent in its tone and features. The queerness of the characters will surely gain your attention. It is one of the captivating comings of age fantasy novels which you should give a try in the context for reading and spending some quality time with the book.

This is one of the refreshingly Unique stories which will predominate the fantasy-inspired world.

What do I like about this book?

Its incorporation of the space with the various components contributing to its immersiveness and location is what attracts my attention. You will be intrigued by the characterization for twins on another level fulfilling your newfound affections and expectations.

7. Blood witch by Susan Dennard

Blood Witch
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A new book has been added in the series of her fantasy novels ‘The Witchlands.’ It is the fantasy fiction book that revolves around the witches and their power. The focus of the author is on the characterization of the two main characters expressing the Classic story of Good versus Evil. This is the story within its right which is complex yet easy to understand.

It is a character-driven book. There is a lot of description of the Homeland characters surrounding landscape which exactly keeps the track and points out at the reader’s imagination. You can enjoy reading this book for developing your imagination skills and lead you to the realization that this world is not completely black and white, there are shades of Grey which must be appreciated by the readers. This book remains true to the readers showcasing the familiar traits.

One expects in the books of the fantasy series. It is one of the best selling adult Epic fantasy books which binds The Reader with the phenomenal bond of trust and loyalty. The characters of this book are very intimidating to etch their features in the minds of the readers

What do I like about this book?

It uses a unique and different approach taken by the author to introduce its readers with a very simple and basic thought but a very powerful one which is ‘good versus Evil’ through the beautiful and epic characterizations of the witches.

8. A time of blood by John Gwynne

A Time Of Blood
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This book has it all, the heavens and the heathens, myths and the monsters, good and the evil. This is the second book on his series Of Blood and Bone. The illusions and the conditions are here to deliver the epic characters in the total scope of time.

The revelation of the heritage and the deepened aspect of the odds increase with each page read. The characters are positively portrayed through the different characters in the formative years. The author stands apart in the fantasy world for his works are classic and improvise the thinking of the readers.

You can easily connect with characters and humanity which they serve in the world of fantasy. The plot hooks the readers with the relentless and the tangible feeling of the spectacular aspects.

What do I like about the book?

This book is not to miss if you die heart fan of the books in the fantasy genre. You can enjoy the flow of the book by delving deeper into the characters. There is no point where you can feel the need to stop reading this book. The incredible job of the author is for you so add it in your list.

9. Seven blades in black by Sam sykes

Seven Blades In Black
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This is one of the most fascinating fantasy novels with the protagonist Sam Sykes. This is a first-person frame narrative where the different events are committed using the issues and the conflicts faced by the main character.

The readers can get a first-hand account of the entire story with wide-eyed optimism and illusions making you turn pages over. This is one of the books which is about Heroic fantasy. The subject of world-building has created a sense of Magic within the novel with the use of the most beautiful components and elements.

This is one of the books which can be characterized as philosopher discursive books. Some offerings are made by the authors using the plots and the passages which can be compulsory for the reader on the whole. It is the start of the new series ‘The Grave of Empires’ and you should surely pick up this book for stepping ahead than others in the fantasy world.

What do I like about this book?

The humor of this book is unique along with the heroic praise of the character using some inventive elements and emotional aspects which can give the book an angle of empathy.

10. master of sorrows by Justin call

Master Of Sorrows
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I find it a bildungsroman novel. A fantasy fiction that revolves around a boy of 17 years old who discovered that he is capable of doing magic which gives it a classical tone and yet a modern Outlook. This is the debut novel but believe me, you won’t find it so. It is written with so much finishing that you would forget about the old school magic books which have etched their techniques in your minds.

The author makes efforts for interviewing the religious and the cultural politics, self-serving hierarchy, and the complexity of the magical system to give you a completely new and integrative form of the fantasy world. The Reader can immediately connect with the central character because the character is very much empathizing. You can get Ease with the content of this book assembling your knowledge.

What do I like about this book?

The purpose which it serves along with the conscious choices made by the author to attract the readers is very interesting. You can enjoy reading this story without being distracted about the fact that the novel is a debut fantasy fiction. I am sure, this list of fantasy novels will be of some benefit to you. If you are a fantasy freak, you must surely grab these fantasy novels and make time to read. Feed your imaginative mind with some excellent stories and get friendly with the heroic characters.

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