William Shakespeare biography- The evergreen persona

This article is about the William Shakespeare Biography. It gives all the important aspects of his life, works and marriage.

Personal Life

William Shakespeare is a renowned English poet, a playwright as well as an actor. He was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. He died in the year 1616 on the same date. Shakespeare is known for his prolific writing during the Elizabethan and Jacobean age of British theatre. He retains the enduring legacy. William Shakespeare was born to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.

He had seven siblings. However, Shakespeare lost his two sisters when they were infants and Shakespeare became the eldest child of the family. His father John Shakespeare used to work as a glove maker. However, he became successful as a significant figure in the town of Stratford. John Shakespeare celebrated his status during his lifetime.

William Shakespeare went to a local Grammar School. He lived on Henry Street until the age of 18. Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway when he was 18. Anne Hathaway was 26 years old. Shakespeare and Anne married in a rushing manner because Anne was already pregnant when their marriage took place. William and Anne had three children name Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith However Hamnet died when he was 11 years.

The theatres in London contributed majorly towards the success of Shakespeare in 1597. He bought the new palace which was the largest house in the baroque of Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare spent his professional career in London. However, he had close links with the people in the native town. Shakespeare lived his lifetime between Stratford and London.

Shakespeare’s father died in 1601 and this made Shakespeare inherit the old family house in Henry Street part. Shakespeare is in the sanctuary of the Parish Church Holy Trinity where he died at the age of 52. Shakespeare is dead but his works are alive like no one other the uniqueness of his words makes it remembered among the people. It is not only the fans of literature but also the fan of novels and people for different backgrounds prefer reading William Shakespeare for its content.

This was the personal life of William Shakespeare Biography. Continue reading to know about his works.

Professional Life

He is the most prominent literary figure of the English Renaissance period. Shakespeare wrote plays, poems, sonnets, essays that are famous all over the world.

Shakespeare started his career when he was in London they were too long poems which he published in 1593 and 1594 namely “Venus and Adonis” and “The Rape of Lucre” respectively. He is also to the founding member of “The Lord Chamberlain’s men”. Lord chamberlain’s men had a company of actors where Shakespeare used to work as a regular dramatist. Shakespeare used to perform and produce two plays in a year on average for twenty years.

He had a link with the company throughout his career. William Shakespeare also evolved into “The King’s Men” under the reign of King James I. Shakespeare has written the most popular tragedies, Histories and Comedies like King Lear, Macbeth, Winter’s Tale, Henry IV, Tempest and others. His works are divided basically into 38 plays, Two narrative poems, 154 sonnets, and various other categories of poems.

However, there are no original manuscripts that exist today in the name of Shakespeare. But when Shakespeare was dead, all of these manuscripts were collected from the company in which he used to work and the writing name called “First Folio” which contains 36 plays excluding any poetry. The Legacy of Shakespeare was phenomenal. It is rich, diverse and leaves an everlasting mark on the people whether it is a stage or it is the film. Shakespeare has always given his cent percent.

The compilation of his writings can never end metaphorically. There is a unique position of Shakespeare in world literature that is difficult to replace. There have been other poets and the contemporaries but Shakespeare’s name is always on the tongue of the literary fans.

As Ben Johnson said Shakespeare “was not of any age but for all time” and this has been justified rightly. The serious nature of Shakespeare in terms of treatment of the content has been one of the significant contributions towards it’s his greatness and uniqueness. This makes William Shakespeare biography worth reading.

He makes use of imaginative visions. There is no such literary figure which has been and used by Shakespeare. There is no such perception and the subject which is untouched by Shakespeare according to the age in which she lived. Shakespeare has a stunning and astonishingly clever intellect. He stimulates the readers by his imagination and his convincing power you can feel the energy when you read his words. It makes the characters alive even after so many years of him dying and his works published.

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