William Shakespeare contribution to English Literature

This article is about William Shakespeare contribution to English Literature. He is the literary icon of English Literature and Drama.

William Shakespeare contribution to English Literature
William Shakespeare contribution to English Literature

If we talk about the contributions made by William Shakespeare to English literature then one term would be suitable. Indispensable. William Shakespeare has made a significant contribution to the development and the growth of English vocabulary. People still read the phrases of William Shakespeare in his plays and poems. These phrases have a much deeper meaning. It enriches the whole use of language and making the work more impressive and worth reading.

William Shakespeare’s works are the reflection of the great English drama. There is a consensus regarding the works of Shakespeare. He has written a total of 37 plays and 154 sonnets along with 5 long narrative poems. Shakespeare has not only given his readers an enormous number of works but also a “Globe Theatre” which has been one of the major theatres of the Elizabethan period. An art literature language and other documentations of the verbs. He is widely read playwright all over the globe.

The English language is incomplete without William Shakespeare’s contribution to his Origins and his works. He has invented the rhyming scheme of pentameter which is the form of poetry Highly popular nowadays. It is the recognition of the minds of the modern era. Shakespeares work conducts English literature most extraordinarily.

His works are evergreen because of the themes. The characters of the heroic representation and the settings of the verbs reflect the uniqueness as well as the greatness of the modern era along with other periods. William Shakespeare is the “Bard of Avon”. in English Literature. He has mastered all his works.

John Dryden in his work “The essay of dramatic poesy” says about William Shakespeare, “He was naturally learned, he needed not the spectacles of books to read nature. He looked in words and found her there”.

The Renaissance period, rather English Literature is incomplete without Shakespeare and his works. He has brought the evolution in this world of Literature. Moreover, he modifies the literary as well as the cultural history of Britain with his works. He has often taken references from the earlier works like the Ovids Metamorphosis and others. But had the unique quality of making its own and representing it originally to the readers. Not only his works, but his characters also became the epitome of ideal heroes of the different ages.

To specify, he has made the English language global. His works reached different colonies of Britain creating an urge of reading and studying among every literate person. His works have built an association with the individuals and their real-life experiences.

Not only the world of literature but Shakespeare has also influenced the world of theatre and drama. The characterization of the individuals in the plays is from his works which makes it more fascinating. The portrayal of both negative and positive aspects of humanity interests the readers consistently. There is a dramatic mix in the place with the 10th of comedy and humor to make it more interesting and lively. There is a flow in every individual and that is the point which Shakespeare picked up and demonstrated that all the great heroes have a fatal flaw which drives them towards their destruction.

He has also made a social and political impact on the people through his place of history and tragicomedy. It is not only the writing style and the things which have been adopted by his contemporaries and the latter writers but also the characterization of his protagonist in the words. Shakespeare has remained unparalleled and unrivaled in the total scenario of philosophy. It is not wrong to say that he is the real literary icon in English literature. William Shakespeare creates the Incredible potential for cavalry which remains for ages.

According to the writer, Otto Jespersen in his work “The growth and structure of the English language is Shakespeare’s contribution in English philology is the richest ever employed by any single man.

Some of the words I would like to put in the light of the readers are auspicious, barefaced, loggerhead, fretful, castigate, multitudinous, sanctimonious, leapfrog, swagger, zany, and many more. There has been a continuous change in the linguistic sessions since the introduction of the Unique language and the pattern of literary writing by Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is indeed said to have added about 1700 words to the English language which is of his own invention. This is unique in terms of William Shakespeare contribution to English Literature.

Shakespeare has significantly contributed to the English morphology which means the development of the newer words in compound form. Some of them are the combination of the new words whereas others are the borrowing of the roots of those words from the different languages. The interiority of Shakespeare’s works in character has always allured the readers.

Shakespeare has inspired various writers in the field of English literature that it is not important to copy the trends. Everyone can try to innovate and create and present themselves before the readers. It is more important to shape your imagination than to shape your expectations and the works according to the previous writers. Shakespeare broke all the rules of classical drama. The unfamiliarity with Shakespeare’s work is really in the initial times but later the readers understand its elusive richness and become more conscious about his works.

A.C. Bradley claims “The greatness of William Shakespeare lies not in innovative thought process but artistic representation of thought process with the help of a great number of new words and expressions.”

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